Hadrians Wall in about 3 minutes

Today's recap is the upcoming Hadrians Wall from Garphill games designed by Bobby Hill
If you are looking for a roll and write style game with a huge amount of depth and variety. Check it out. It's a legit heavy weight in the genre.

The game wont be out for a few months yet. 

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11 days ago

funny; while a #Architects of the West Kingdom   video had a lot of appeal to me, this doesn't clic with me. There is quite some overlap though. Would it be the added value of non-mechanical things like artstyle, colors, expectations etc?

9 days ago

Pretty different sorts of games though. Same pub, but different styles

9 days ago

ah ok; thanks for noting.
I'm going to check it out

Supporter11 days ago

I am really interested in a heavier Roll and Write style game. I was pretty disappointed in #Rome & Roll after seeing how it plays, this seems like a great implementation. Seems much more like #Paladins of the West Kingdom with a great theme and hopefully an interesting play mechanic. 

9 days ago

Bobby, the designer, is part of Shems regular gaming group and Shem developed it. So no doubt there is some heavy paladins influence in there

Supporter11 days ago

I too love the theme, but it doesn't seem like it would be a very thematic experience. Am I wrong about that? 

9 days ago

Depends on what you mean by thematic. Like all the tracks makes sense for what they are. 

Supporter9 days ago

It doesn't look like it would "feel" like you are building a wall. It doesn't look like it would "feel" thematic.

9 days ago

Theme is one of those things that's hard to nail down what someone means. I've seen people talk about games "dripping in theme" that are basically clip art from a movie on disconnected mechanics. (See the expanse board game. Lots of art and things from the film that boil down to "place a token in 2 spaces")

Each of the sections in Hadrians wall make sense within the rules of the game. You gain disdain for not protecting the wall, but you can offset that with bribes to the right people, or reduce the risk of it by making offerings at the temple or scouting. 

Building a hotel means more civilians turn up. Having stronger walls makes you resilient to attacks. Mechanically, all the elements add to the core game theme of "building hadrians wall". At least in my mind

Supporter9 days ago

Gotcha, makes sense.

Supporter12 days ago

Love love love the theme. 

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