IMPORTANT: Barrels - A Rule Clarification

Rule Question

If you are playing this rule wrong - it COMPLETELY changes the gameplay.

When you stop on a barrel space you can take AS MANY barrels as you qualify for. You are not limited to one barrel per stop on a barrel space.

From page 6 of the rules:
When you move your player figure on to one of the two barrel spaces on the common track, take from the centre of the board all remaining barrels whose goals you have achieved.

Each goal has a large and a small barrel. If the large barrel of your goal is still available, take it, and not the small one. If only the small barrel is available take that, provided you don’t already have its large counterpart. You can’t take other players’ barrels. See page 8 for a list of the goals and an extended example.

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WadeB1977 37 days ago | 1 point[-]

True.  That's a big gamechanger :)

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