Do We Need Another Crowdfunding Site? Is Gamefound the Answer?

The Duke and I talk about crowdfunding. Do we need another platform for it? Is the up and coming platform Gamefound the answer? Can competition help backers in the long run?

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Premium User7 months ago

I think having a crowdfunding platform that's specific to the hobby would be an excellent idea. And of course competition is always good in any market.

7 months ago

Yeah, I think so too. I am a little worried because from a marketing perspective you are not enticing people from outside the market, which means your pool of potential backers can become stale and decrease over time. Now, that may be counteracted by people loving it and spreading the word to other people and it can grow organically that way.

I am honestly curious and from a publisher's perspective, I honestly hope it works out. Competition between platforms I think could be good for creators. Though it might split the market a bit...Pros and cons all around.

Premium User7 months ago

I would agree with you, but then I think about games like #Frosthaven making millions. I know this is largely an anomaly as it broke records, but my point is if you have a clear market of board gamers already established. Of course you want to grow and build the hobby, but I think something specific to board games like that could eventually reach BGG levels in the "down the rabbit hole" way most of us got into the hobby. Time will certainly tell how it all pans out.