Monopoly: Longest Game Ever - Play Until Someone Wins


Yes. We're doing this :D

By the way, for this week's challenge, it will be a TRICK SHOT CHALLENGE! I will make a formal post tonight after the live stream.

With that out of the way,

  • When's the last time you've played Monopoly?
  • How many different Monopoly variants have you played?
  • What's your "fondest" or most memorable moment playing Monopoly?
  • This game will only end when someone owns all of the properties, or we'll end at 4pm PST and the winner will be the one who has more money

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20 days ago

Haven't played in probably 5 or 6 years. The last time was for real money - pennies to the dollar. We had two games of four players each going. Everyone brought their own starting money plus $5 worth of coin to seed the bank and played by strict printed original rules. I can't tell you how many times "No, nothing happens on Free Parking. It's just Free Parking. You get no money. You get nothing." was repeated. Winner took all. It was actually weirdly fun. 

Supporter19 days ago

Good company and a little bit of mood setting creativity helps SO much when gaming! Trent and I were saying at the end how we had fun, but only because we were doing it for the live stream.

And...... yet again, had some amazing luck in the beginning :(

Supporter20 days ago

You poor poor people.... 

Supporter19 days ago

At least this is past us now and we can move on :)

Really though, it wasn't bad and I had fun. Then again, it would be a whole another story if we had gone till 4pm 

Supporter19 days ago

You should give it away as a gag.... LOL

Supporter19 days ago

I don't wish this upon anyone unless they're content creators xD

Supporter19 days ago

That bad??? 

Supporter19 days ago

Yeah. It's only enjoyable because of the absurdity of it and the callback to past Monopoly memories. It's like when a joke is so bad that it's funny. And while our session ended around 4 hours, I bet most will take much much longer than that and there are so many other games you can play during that time haha

Supporter19 days ago

I hear that

Supporter19 days ago

Does Monopoly Junior count? We play that with my girls quite often. And it doesn't last very long at all! The original version I couldn't really tell you. We played a really epic version of Star Wars monopoly in high school. Not sure why it was fun but we had a blast. 

I also remember playing a wall-sized version in 3rd grade with my classmates. That was fun too. 

Supporter19 days ago

Of course! Thematic Monopolies seem like such a cash grab but I agree, there is a lot of fun to them because of the theme alone and the right company if they're fellow fans of the IP :D

19 days ago

I haven't played monopoly in probably a decade or so, we played it one Christmas and it ran so long we had to stop, go to bed and then get up the next day to finish it.

Supporter19 days ago

Have you ever done that with a different game? Where it took more than one session to finish a game?

17 days ago

For sure, me and my uni friends are very 'slow' gamers, we love to discuss and debate the whole way through basically any game. We often go away for long weekends and a couple of times we've started a game in the evening and then it ends up that we pause it until the following morning. I think it's happened with #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game (we discuss and cross-examine literally any remotely suspicious activity) and maybe a six-player game of #Eldritch Horror which took ages!

19 days ago

I was ready to get rid of my copy until my future in laws started getting into it during quarantine (for what reason I'm not sure..). We played a few times over zoom and surprisingly had a good time! The version you played seems unbearable lol

Supporter19 days ago

You should try out this version with your future in laws to seal the deal ;)

Hahah on a more serious note, are there other games you're thinking of trying out with them? Sounds like they'd love being introduced to some really great games out there.

19 days ago

I've actually introduced them to some they've really enjoyed which is why their desire to play monopoly was...confusing to say the least haha.

Their favorite for awhile was#Camel Up but I think that got overtaken by#Monikers this weekend!

Supporter19 days ago

I adore #Camel Up (second edition). It's such a random fun.

What's Monikers mostly about? Do you enjoy that more than Camel Up too?

19 days ago

I guess I'd describe it as kind of a mix between taboo and charades. If you've played#Time's Up! it's basically the same game.

I think I like it better than Camel Up at the moment. Always a lot of laughs!

18 days ago

I think you forgot to make that challenge post :)

Supporter18 days ago

Good point, I forgot about it. I wonder if I can come up with something this weekend.

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