Weekly Challenge #3 - Play Your "Shelf of Shame" Game and Share About It!


First off--thanks for everyone who participated in the previous challenge and for those who created great discussions!

Here's Challenge #3:

1. Play a game on your shelf that has zero plays (it could also be a game you've played once, but hasn't come to the table for more than say... 8-12 months. Basically, something that rarely gets your love.) Log your play (include a picture if possible) and make a forum post about your experience!

2. Make a post on the forum sharing your experience. Answer the following questions in your post:

  • Why did you have a hard time getting this game to the table?
  • After playing, how do you feel about this game?
  • Would you play it again? Why or why not?

3. Link your post to the Weekly Challenge topic page. This will help keep track of participants so that I can give out rewards easily!

4. You will get 1 entry per post (maximum 1 per day)



Besides earning a badge for completing the challenge (I'll be working on the designs), you will also have a chance to earn a $60 gift card you can put toward a board game purchase!


With that said, what are some games on your shelf of shame/opportunity that you're thinking about for this challenge?

Except for the first game in the list, mine are mostly the ones at our office that are either owned by Trent, or are review copies of games we received. Here are some of the games that I'll TRY to get to this week, just to participate in the challenge:


#Agricola (Revised Edition)

#Sorcerer City

#Paladins of the West Kingdom

#Teotihuacan: City of Gods


#A Feast For Odin


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Supporter7 days ago

It’s taken 2 nights (since I was interrupted each time) but I have fully read through the rules of #Scythe!

I’m planning to play with my wife tomorrow or Thursday :)

Supporter5 days ago

I'm looking forward to hearing about it. 

Supporter7 days ago

You did it!! Looking forward to hearing how it goes. I'm curious how Joanne will feel about it.

7 days ago

Wow! #Paladins of the West Kingdom , #Teotihuacan: City of Gods (I just bought this one and haven't played it yet) seem great.  Paladins is one of my favorite games though and it gets a play at least once a month at our house if not more.  I love the solo mode of Paladins.  

Supporter7 days ago

I'm pretty hesitant to go through #Paladins of the West Kingdom just because of how sprawled out it is with sooooo many cards and boards. Hopefully this challenge will help me push through it :D

I think I've heard that #Teotihuacan: City of Gods has a great solo mode too

6 days ago

I had the same hesitation about Paladins when I first got it. After a few playthroughs I found it much easier to set up and take down. The solo mode is so easy to run as well.  

Becky and I have started playing games twice through before putting them away these days. We are generally quicker on the second run through but it gets a tad more use out of each set up and on new games we solidify the learning experience a little better. 

The spread of the board is what kept me from playing Teotihuacan before we left town. I might wait for a rainy day to get that one out as the solo mode seems a tad on the complicated side (as compared to other games)

7 days ago

I am away from home at the moment and can't post till Friday for my gameplay but the ones I am considering are:

#Siege: The Castle-Crashing Card Game of Medieval Mayhem


#The 7th Continent

#25 Words or Less: People, Places, Things

Supporter7 days ago

I'd be very interested in hearing about 7th Continent. Go for it!

Supporter7 days ago

Great idea.

Supporter7 days ago

Thanks Chris! Is there any game you haven't played yet? (not the ones in the U.S...)

Supporter6 days ago

Nope,,,,, I have no games here that haven't been played.... But, I do have some apps.....

7 days ago

This assumes you only have 1 game or a couple...I prob have at least 35 games that are on the need to play list...some going back a couple years now...but most are newer...some of the older ones are:


#Spartacus: A Game of Blood and Treachery

#The Rise of Queensdale

Supporter7 days ago

Hope this encourages you to get to some of them lol. I still haven't crossed off any of the games I mentioned... I had to play #Fort and although it's not listed up there, I realized I also needed to get to #Disney Villainous. I crossed that one off last night at least :)

7 days ago

I have actually played a few off my shelf of shame (which I will say I try to keep pretty small) over lockdown so I will write these up:

Still to play:

That is all of them I believe, but there might be another one hidden somewhere

7 days ago

I also have #Unlock! Escape adventures on the shelf, they are all single use, but maybe will try to give one a go of an evening

Supporter8 days ago

Wow, this is a tough one. Need to find time to actually play some of these. 

8 days ago

Im so excited about this one. mainly because i am full of shame...making this the perfect post for me!

Supporter7 days ago

That's a long list!

Hope some of them have a solo mode :)

7 days ago

I know! I think i can get root, caylus, perudo, and cry havoc in... but some of the others will be hard! Im in luck for root tho becuase i just got a printer and i was able to print the better bot project!

7 days ago

If you have 3 or more players available I absolutely recommend breaking #Cry Havoc out!

7 days ago

I want to so bad! Hopefully that will actually happen this week!

6 days ago

6 days ago

I believe in you!

6 days ago

Haha so good. Well now I'm motivated!

8 days ago

7 Wonders is supporting! Tough to get off the shelf at this time, I'd imagine.

7 days ago

It really is hard! Ive never played it before either so that also makes getting it out hard too haha 

6 days ago

Well it's a good one!

6 days ago

That's what I've heard! 

8 days ago

Ah, full post, cool. Hmm, unfortunately for the purposes of this contest, I only have one non party game on the shelf of shame, and that because I just acquired it. I will try to get that played though!

8 days ago

I guess I do have an expansion that could count.

Supporter8 days ago

I tried to be as inclusive as possible but it's going to be hard for some people haha

And definitely, expansions are good! I basically wanted to encourage everyone to play a game on their shelf that they otherwise will probably take months to get to. Thanks for the idea! :)

Which expansion is it by the way?

8 days ago

Yeah, and I think it's fine that people aren't necessarily equally "qualified" for every contest. They're meant to encourage fun and engagement on the site, and that's about it.

The expansion is #Tuscany: Essential Edition! Bought that and the other game I'll get off my shelf of shame a few days ago from someone locally for a total of $25. Not too bad!

Supporter7 days ago

Ohhhh Tuscany's a great one to go through. It's a game changer.

8 days ago

Dude this is going to be SO hard haha


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