Curators: Collection Conundrum – Designing Your Own Museum

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Recently we’ve got our hands on a number of really neat board game prototypes. Considering our soft spot for euro games, we simply had to start with Curators: Collection Conundrum. The game created by Jacob Westerlund and his team manages to merge many old and new eurogame mechanics into something quite creative unique and without doubt – fun. Curators: CC is supposed to launch on Kickstarter on April 21st, so: about a month from now.

Let’s Go to a Museum

Dim, cozy halls. A smell of hundreds if not thousands of years. Wooden floors. Lots of glass shelves and painting exhibitions. And whichever way you look: relicts of days gone by, works that make you stand in amazement and admire knowledge you won’t gain from anywhere else.

Museums are a fascinating place and every single one is an universe of its own. Be it a tiny art gallery or a colossal collection of historical armour. While wandering through their halls we usually forget about the people who put them together. Passionate archeologists, busy carpenters or these responsible for designing the shape of each collection. In Curators: Collection Conundrum you’ll be able to create a museum of your own, lead a team of talented specialists and fight for the title of the best museum in the country.

Starting a Collection!

Curators is a game aimed at 1 to 4 players. Each of them builds his or her own museum, but areas like the auction house...


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