Annual Dice Tower Autumn Spectacular is Happening October 4 - 6th

Dice Tower Autumn Spectacular

Arguably the top board game review outlet in the game, The Dice Tower, is taking on another massive live-stream event next week with lots of exciting gameplay and surprises lined up. There will be tons of different personalities you know and love and many of the top titles being played Monday, October 4th - Wednesday, October 6th.

The lineup includes games (in order of appearance): #Picture Perfect, #Golem, #Galaxy Trucker, #Hammer Time, #Legendary Encounters: An Alien Deck Building Game, #Cuphead, #The Adventures of Robin Hood, #Enchanters: Darklands, #Eriantys, #Lizard Wizard, #6: Siege – The Board Game, #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea, #Neoville, #Disney Gargoyles: Awakening, #Blood Rage, #Disney's Kingdom Hearts Perilous Pursuit, #Floating Floors, #Bellum Magica, #Kingdomino Origins, #Khôra: Rise of an Empire, #Echoes: The Cocktail, #Dreadful Circus, #Horrified: American Monsters and #Ra

Description From The Dice Tower

Autumn is here and we're ready to celebrate pumpkin season with a livestream tabletop gaming extravaganza! Join us as we smash our earlier record by playing 28 games! You'll also have an opportunity to enter over 30 giveaways announced throughout the event! Don't miss Ruby and Violet's Top 25 games list. We will be counting down their favorites and you'll want to stay until the very end to hear a special announcement from one of our sponsors. Livestreaming starts Monday, Oct 4th at 8:00 AM EDT. Click Going or Interested on Facebook and join us over on YouTube

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17 months ago

I love it, I am going to try and watch as much of it as I can!

17 months ago

I am in, I want to see a bunch of these in progress. The new Crew, Horrified and Dreadful Circus in particular stand out to me.