2 Monumental Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games

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Ready for some more previews today? Let’s take a look at 2 really big and monumental games coming in the nearest future.

Frosthaven – March 24th

Months pass and Gloomhaven still remains the number one game on BGG. Some argue it doesn’t deserve that spot, but countless fans (including us) keep gushing over it and have been hungry for more for quite a while. Players who have completed all 95 scenarios are asking for expansions and sequels to their beloved legacy game.Their pleas must have been heard because soon we’ll not only be getting a new, shorter edition of Gloomhaven (“Jaws of the Lion”) but also a completely new and huge campaign called Frosthaven – often dubbed as the sequel to the original title. The new game is completely standalone but takes place in the very same world.

Instead of Gloomhaven and its surrounding areas...

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The way #World Monuments looks does nothing positive for me.