KA Board Game News in Numbers. Celebrating Our Second Birthday!

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5 people. 170 articles. Almost 200,000 visitors in 2019. Top result among millions upon millions of searches when it comes to “upcoming board games” (and dozens of other phrases).

During the past 2 years KA Board Game News has transformed from a tiny project started by a bunch of hobbyists into one of the most popular board game crowdfunding related sites on the web. We track every possible piece of news from the Kickstarter tabletop gaming world day and night just for you. KA analyzes past, ongoing and most importantly: upcoming board game campaigns.

First Blood

KA Board Game News has launched on April 19th 2018 with a bunch of articles about KS campaigns. We wrote mostly about tech, unusual projects but first...


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Congrats on the amazing numbers! It's especially incredible how many of your viewers are from Europe. You provide a great resource for Kickstarters so thanks for sharing them with us.

Which Kickstarter are you looking forward to the most for 2020? :)