Playing with Gloomhaven Aester Diviner (possible Spoilers, fyi)

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We are two scenarios into my using the Diviner and buddy is using the Nightshroud.  I won't go into details for the sake of spoilers but the Diviner is roughly as challenging to play with as the Summoner. I continue to be impressed with the creativity behind character crafting in Gloomhaven and how different the characters are from one another and their abilities while still being balanced. 

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Supporter17 months ago

I just recently retired my two starting characters and it’s such a joy to discover two entirely new play styles. Gloomhaven is such a great game. 

Premium User17 months ago

Agreed!  its so fascinating to have a game change so significantly with the addition and subtraction of characters.

Premium User17 months ago

Yes!  It was a good challenge and different from the other characters I've played significantly.  I'm still working out the kinks but its been fun thus far.

Supporter18 months ago

So, I assume that this means that you like it?