Fort Playthrough - This Board Game is Lovely

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5 days ago

ooo I can't wait to watch this! Also good to see both of you in front of the camera!

Supporter5 days ago

We actually recorded another playthrough right after this. This time, with chess timers :)

Trent really wanted to try spicing things up a bit, and........ it was stressful and fun lol. I guess we're indirectly training ourselves for Pendulum!

5 days ago

Lol, that's a fun idea! TBH I've been tempted to use timers in certain games with certain AP-prone friends taking 10-minute turns...

5 days ago

But we need that long to map out all the variables!

4 days ago

Lol I'm playing the same game. No you don't.

4 days ago

Ha, it's a condition!

2 days ago

Just watched this and I can see the deep strategy!! you gotta get a point engine going sooner in The game!!

Supporter31 hours ago

I know right? :(

I'll share my first impressions on this tomorrow, although at this point, it's basically a review lol

16 hours ago

It seems like you have played it enough to a get a good idea of your feelings for the game! Looking forward to the review!

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