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Premium User13 days ago

Good review!  I've played or owned a ton of the warriors on a map games ( #Kemet, #Cyclades, #Inis, #Blood Rage, #Lords of Hellas) but I haven't tried Rising Sun.  I've always waffled because I was wondering if my group needs yet another game of this type.  But reading your description has me wondering again.  The diplomacy aspect and the ability to flip a martial win in to a victory for the loser appeals to me.  

8 days ago

cheers! I've only played Kemet and BR out of the list you mentioned, and RS feels the most similar to BR for sure with the same designer, and the 'killing yourself to win points' mechanic.


The game is certainly way different than those 2 in a diplomacy sense though, where you have to keep negotiating and breaking the set alliances! Definitely worth trying out, to own may be a whole nother level at its OOP status! -Ashton

Premium User8 days ago

Ah it's OOP?  Didn't know that.  Ah well.  

Yeah, it's definitely most similar to Blood Rage but it's definitely its own thing really.

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