Looking for Reviewers to Join Everything Board Games

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As many of you know, Everything Board Games was bought out. Now, the new owner is looking to bring in more reviewers. If you've ever wanted to join a team or board game reviewers, this is your chance! I don't know how many he plans on bringing in, but we're looking for some that can contribute consistently.

It's unpaid (we are reviewers, after all...), but you do get to keep the games sent to you.

We are looking for both video and textual reviewers. To apply, all we need is a review from you (video if you plan on doing video reviews or text if you plan on doing blog-based reviews). I recommend reading some of the most recent reviews on EBG and using that as a template. If you are interested, shoot me a DM here and I'll give you the email address to send it to.

Some tips:

  • Choose a review you can have fun with. Don't go overboard, but it's definitely OK to have fun writing it. Dad jokes and puns are also acceptable.
  • Proof your review. It's OK if the grammar and punctuation isn't 100% correct (that's what I'm there for, as an editor), but when there are blatant typos, it's not a good look.
  • The game can be recently released or even an older title. Just pick one you love.
  • Details! Don't just say something is good; tell us why it's good. Likewise, if you didn't care for something, let us know! But also let us know why you didn't care for it. Expound. You don't have to write an essay, but do provide some meat to the details.

Again, let me know if you're interested. If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments here so others can see them and the answers. I'm not sure how long the window is open for this, so if you're interested, I suggest getting started. Also, if you find it difficult at first, just know that you'll be way faster at the review process after you've done a few.

I've been impressed with the quality of posts on here, so I have full faith and confidence that any of you can bust out a quality review. Let me know if you have any questions!

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2 months ago

When I need to write my homework for me I also can check games and fulfill my soul.

Supporter41 months ago

I’d love to do something like this. But I don’t think that I’m critical enough to be taken totally seriously. You know the stuff about Minnesota Nice? It’s definitely true. 

Moderator Level 141 months ago

I say give it a shot. Just be honest. I’m Canadian. We’re the nicest people on earth. I think you’d do a great job. It’s all about giving your thoughts, which you do in here, and it’s always great. Dooooo it!

41 months ago

Passed this along to a friend who's gotten into reviews recently. Looking forward to see who you all add.

Moderator Level 141 months ago


Owner41 months ago

This sounds really cool. Like you said, I've also enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on games here and would love to see more of them. Hope it works out with someone here!

Moderator Level 141 months ago

Yeah, I think it’s be great if we could scoop someone from BGA 🙂

41 months ago

This would actually be pretty neat. I just don’t know that time wise it would work. Are there more details?

Moderator Level 141 months ago

Time really depends on you. It can be easy to take on more projects than you have time for (without cutting other things that probably shouldn’t be cut...). 

What we do is, when a game comes up for review, we all put in our yes/no/maybe for interest level. The games we get are decided on by the owner based on how many reviews each person already has active, preferences (I.e. euro, sci-fi, kid game, etc.), and turnaround time.

When you receive a game, you need to learn it (obviously), and the time that takes really depends on the game. I’ve had some that took literal minutes while a few have taken far too long. Of course, if it’s drudgery to learn, then that is mentioned in the review. 

After learning, you gotta play, and that can also be time consuming, depending on the game. Some games you really only need to play once, whereas others may need a few more—until you’re comfortable discussing it in a review. More often than not I really enjoy the games I review, and have only had one or two real duds. The duds aren’t too fun to play multiple times, but are also some of the most important to play over and over, just to make sure it’s not user error. So yeah, playing the game takes time. 

Then there’s the write up. I can pound one out in an hour or so, about 1,500 words (a decent sized article). Some games are shorter, some are longer. It all depends. And you’ll probably start off at a slower pace and then get faster as you go. I sure did. 

While it may not take as long to write up your thoughts as it does to learn and play, you still have to remember about pictures, proofing your review, and adding any applicable links. I always try to take all my pictures while playing or right after playing (if it’s a larger game, during setup, gameplay, and at the end). 

Of course, I forget all the time and end up having to stage photos (which is fine, as long as it’s accurate). Getting good photos takes a bit longer, especially if you have to set it all up specifically for photos. Save time and take them while you play (your game group will understand). 

While that may sound like a lot of work, I all aspects of it can be enjoyable if you’re not rushed. That’s why it’s important to pace yourself and not take on too many at once. 

I love the review process and definitely enjoy all aspects heretofore mentioned. It does suck when I’m rushing to complete something, so I’ve learned how to better manage my time. 

If you love learning new games and talking about games, reviewing is both fun and fulfilling. Plus, the games you keep are *generally* pretty good. 

I have no idea if that’s what you were asking about, but hopefully you were able to find something useful in there haha If you feel like you could be able to make it work, I recommend it. I don’t think I could ever turn away from this part of the industry at this point. 

Supporter41 months ago

All of this sounds awesome. I was a fairly decent writer back in ye olde English class times. But I just don’t know if it’s something I should jump into. Plus I’m sure you’ve already had loads of better people apply. 

Moderator Level 141 months ago

Give it a shot. Don’t sell yourself short by thinking better people have already applied. I have received positions in the past that I absolutely knew I was not qualified. It was a great learning opportunity and a lot of fun. Plus, I wouldn’t say you’re not qualified :)  Talk to your wife about it and see what she says. Personally, I say go for it. I’ve seen your writing and thoughts on here; you do well. 

41 months ago

Cool that’s helpful. Thank you!

Moderator Level 141 months ago

Good luck. I hope you find someone. 

Moderator Level 141 months ago

Thanks! We’ve had quite a bit of interest so there will inevitably be some tough decisions. 

Moderator Level 141 months ago

I imagine