What did you play this week? (3/13/2023)

(3/13/2023) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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I attended Dice Tower West this past weekend, which is likely the only time I'll play more games in a week than   or .

Played #Cartographers Map Pack 4: Frozen Expanse – Realm of the Frost Giants twice while waiting for my friend the day before DTW started.

During DTW, I did play test three games, which was an interesting experience.  Not counting those, here's what I played over the five days:

#Age of Wonders: Planetfall I'm told this is being published in English this fall. I had the chance to play it with the designer along with two of my friends. Good game!

#Monolyth - 4 player; tied for first, 3-D tetris

#Clank! Catacombs - 4 player; fun twist on Clank!

#Heat: Pedal to the Metal - 5 player; almost pulled a win, but came in second; my friend says the winner boosted with a 5 and shouldn't have won. Oh, well. Ended up teaching this along with my friend to a group of six the next night.

#Flamecraft - 4 player, won

#Castle Panic with #Castle Panic: Crowns and Quests expansion - 6 player; co-op win

#Illusion - 2 player, two games

#Marvel Dice Throne - 3 player

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg with #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion - 5 player, came in second by one point. First game of the weekend that I'd previously played

#Cursed Court - 4 player; interesting game that is not done justice by it's cover

#Fantastic Factories - 4 player; tied, but lost the lie

#Cosmoctopus - 4 player; published later this year. came in second by only one turn

#New York 1901 - 3 player

#Spicy Dice - 3 player, lost miserably

#Chronicles of Crime: 2400 - 3 player, did the introductory game. Interesting series.  My friend won this in a drawing.

#Potion Explosion - 4 player, first time playing this in person. Partway through, the next player would choose their marbles while the previous player chose their potions.  This cut down on the time a bit, and I liked doing that better than having to wait when playing on BGA.

#Gizmos - 3 player, first time playing this, and I think I like the mechanics a better than in Potion Explosion. I won this one.

#Camel Up (Second Edition) - 5 player; very fun

#Captain Sonar - 8 player; my team won. Second game this weekend that I'd previously played.

#ICECOOL - 3 player; I won. Very fun dexterity game. 

#PARKS - 3 player

#Galaxy Trucker - 3 player. I did not do well building my ship and lost by 12 points.

#A Fistful of Penguins - 3 player; odd dice game.  I like penguins, a lot, but I don't need to own this game.

#Stellar Leap - 2 player. I won this in a drawing.

#That's Pretty Clever - 4 player. Third game this weekend that I'd previously played. I liked it better this time.

#Barenpark  - 2 player. I won by one point. First time playing this in person.

#Le Havre - 4 player. DON"T play this 4 player.  We were warned about that when we sat down, but some friends introduced me to this last year in a 3 player game and I really like it.  I was the 4th player and felt like I could never catch up. I lost by 99 points.

#King of Tokyo: Monster Box - 4 player, 2 games; first time playing the dark edition; learned about some of the expansions

#Legends of Andor - 2 player. My friend bought this at DTW and neither of us knew anything about it.  Only learned as we opened it that it won the Kennerspiel des Jahres in 2013.  We played the introductory quest and had a really good time.  My friend has already ordered the sequal, and I've ordered one of the heroes expansions for his birthday next month.



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Awesome week! I've always wanted to go to a big con like DTW, though the idea of going back to Vegas doesn't really help me make it out there lol. It wasn't our favorite vacation destination. I tried to convince Sarah to go to Dallas to whatever the BGG con is, but alas, we are not. Some day!

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I can understand that. I've been to Vegas often enough to see the Cirque du Soleil shows and the Fountains at the Bellagio (the only tourist draws I'm interested in), and since I don't drink or gamble there isn't much in Vegas I want to do-except for DTW.  I'm totally fine playing board games at the Rio for five days and walking across the street for dinner at the fast food places.

Some day!

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Dang, that is a ton of games! How many days were you at the convention?

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I was there for the full 5 days.

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That sounds amazing. One day I hope to go!

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It's a lot of fun. Probably half the games we played were with people who had a 'players wanted' sign on the table.  I'm grateful my wife is encouraging me to go each year (this was my second) as a relaxing reward after year-end bookkeeping wrap up for our 30+ bookkeeping clients. If you make it some time, let me know.  I'd be happy to play some games with you.

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Wow!  Lots of plays there. What are your top 5 games?

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I think my top 5 would be (in no particular order) #Legends of Andor, #Heat: Pedal to the Metal, #Gizmos, #The Quacks of Quedlinburg (one of my all-time favorites), and #Fantastic Factories.

Premium User6 days ago

Looks like a good top 5.  Out of those I've only played Quacks and Fantastic Factories which are both excellent!  Legends of Andor and Heat are both ones I've looked at before and seemed interesting.  Gizmos is a new one for me to look at.

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Pretty good week!


#Just One x 1 - Another full game of 7 on BGA. Still not understanding why we never seem to see all 13 clues we're supposed to see, but it's okay. We're currently playing again and I don't think we've guessed incorrectly yet.

#Similo x 1 - Played this again with one of my coworkers as the clue giver this time. We lost on the second round lol. We're trying again.

In Person

#Akropolis x 1 - Played 2 player with Sarah. Definitely caused her to get a little AP, but overall she said it felt like #Suburbia but more fun. She also noticed the scoring variants for if/when we get bored of playing by the base rules. Overall, it seems like a winner.

#Baseball Highlights: 2045 - Spring Training x 5 - Speaking of winners, man is this game fun. More on this when posts his State of Your Collection post at the beginning of April, but I officially fell off the wagon into a purchasing spree lol. I was buying something else directly from the publisher and picked up a copy of this for both myself and a friend/coworker who is really into baseball. has spoken very highly of it's "full version," #Baseball Highlights: 2045, and this is essentially the same game just made for 1-2 players. I've only played solo so far, but it's addicting and really exciting. I've given it a 9/10 so far with the true test coming hopefully this week (weather permitting) when I try it out with a friend.

#Khôra: Rise of an Empire x 3 - I wanted to play something new to me with Sarah, but she refused lol. We settled on this which tbh was basically new again as we had previously only played it once before. Sarah's desire to do better had her asking to play again in the middle of our first 2 games. The box lists a 75 minute playtime which was definitely cut down playing back to back like we did, but it still took a pretty long time. Neither of us seemed to mind though. Not the most balanced game ever, but pretty fun for what it does.

#The Bloody Inn x 1 - Another new to me game played solo. This is just as quick if not quicker than #Baseball Highlights: 2045 - Spring Training which is pretty great. I don't know if it's as fun, but I am eager to try it again. It's got a really awesome theme of running a hotel where your guests check in but might not check out haha.

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I'm stoked that you love Baseball Highlights so much! Now we definitely have to find a way to get together for a game some time!

Moderator Level 13 days ago

For sure!

10 days ago

Games played @ Columbus Area Boardgaming Society. We next meet for our 30+ hour long March Madness event. Friday 3/17 & 3/18 ... We will have a flea market on both days ... Our newest arrival for our library - EARTH was play 6 times on Saturday! 3 players twice - 4 players thrice - 5 player once !!!

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This looks like an awesome game day! How many people?

10 days ago

Premium User10 days ago

Missed one game session but also had a convention this weekend so got some good games in:

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What convention did you attend?

I played #Fantastic Factories for my first time at Dice Tower West this last week. It's a good one.

Premium User8 days ago

It's a small local one Terminal City Tabletop Convention.  Mostly tables to play games and a used game sale.  It's fun!

Moderator Level 18 days ago

Vancouver! I'm just a few (well, several) hours south of you near Portland, Oregon.

Premium User8 days ago

That's pretty close for sure.  :)

Moderator Level 110 days ago

Solid crop of games you played!

Premium User9 days ago

Some were on Board Game Arena and some in person.  It was a good week.

10 days ago

You played a few of may favorite games: RftG and War Chest. Always fun!

I've played Fantastic Factories a handful of times now and I also enjoy it. Quick, simple, and fun. In fact, I don't think I've ever lost.

Premium User10 days ago

I do pretty good with Fantastic Factories too.  I won't say I've never lost but I'm always in the mix.

10 days ago

A smaller list this week than usual although it was very welcome for a change:

#Loot - I picked this up about a year ago and just got around to playing finally. Went well enough. I wish there were a few more merchant ships in the deck because a lot of us had a huge hand of pirate ships at one point with nothing to put them on. I won.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - My board game group is well aware I'm not very into worker placement games but only 5 of us showed up and they wanted to play this so I had no choice. They soon regretted it as I completely swept them. I played extremely efficiently and even after making 2 very obvious mistakes, I was still able to win by over 5 points. Still not a fan of worker placement though.

#Great Western Trail (Second Edition) - My second time playing and I tried a somewhat unconventional builder strategy that didn't really pay off. I figured the buildings have enough points on them that I'd be able to make up any shortfalls I had by completely ignoring the cattle trading aspect. I was wrong. Got 3rd place by a very huge margin.

#Carcassonne - I was doing quite well and was waiting for most of the game for one specific tile to complete a massive city then I got it. I figured I'd place a meeple on the grass around it for about 15 more points but before I was able to place the tile, another player placed their meeple on the only other tile available to take the land. I lost by about 10 points.

#Love Letter (2019 Edition) - I had the comeback of the century. I was down 3 to 1 in a race to 5 and won 3 hands in a row. We were then tied for the last point when I managed to blindly guess the last player's card with a guard.

Premium User10 days ago

I have played GWT a fair number of times and I still haven't figured out how to get a really good score.  No idea why!

10 days ago

I think the trick is to diversify strategically. It also doesn't hurt to grab one conductor early in the game since there are a few base tiles that benefit from them. I feel like I did way better the first time I played by just winging it and doing what seemed more beneficial for points and completely ignore any small points because it's usually too much effort and/or cost.

Premium User8 days ago

Yeah, maybe that's my issue.  I try to focus on one area instead of taking the most effective/efficient option available at the moment.