Case Study of Eric M. Lang's Legendary Saga - Part 1, Action Systems

Game Design
Started a case study for all 3 games by Eric M. Lang for his Legendary Saga series of games: Blood Rage, Rising Sun, and Ankh.
Going to break into parts but this one discusses action systems between the 3 games.
Have you played these games? What do you think of them?


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10 months ago

Nice article, I have only played #Rising Sun out of the three but really enjoyed it. While I agree that you can end up unable to do the things you want if other non-allies take the tokens you wanted. But I quite enjoyed that aspect. I think it would be nice for there to be a way to mix up the tiles as sometimes the same 3 are just passed every turn and only the new one is used (especially if two of them are betrayals)

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