Game of the Week (Great Western Trail)

Let's talk about #Great Western Trail! Do you like it, own it, play it all the time, dislike, best strategies, or anything related to it?

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Premium User16 days ago

One of my favourite euros and all the more better with the #Great Western Trail: Rails to the North expansion.

  • Like it?  Love it!
  • Own it? Yup!
  • Play it all the time?  Not as much as I would like.
  • Dislike? There's nothing glaring really.  It's not new gamer friendly is probably the only complain I have.
  • Best strategies? It pays to go fairly heavy in to a strategy in this game.  Rails to the North helps a bit by adding a bit more flexibility in to the mix so it's easier to mix and match or go all in.
  • Anything else related?  My first play of this was really bad because someone had a friend who had only played things like Catan etc and he couldn't get this game.  It went on for at least an hour longer than it should have.  once I had the right group though it rocks!


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Premium User15 days ago

Sadly on my shelf of shame. But since I'm working on getting those games played, hopefully I'll change that very soon!

Premium User16 days ago

Never played this one but I could see us picking up the 2nd edition. It seems like a game we'd enjoy, and the new cover is great.

15 days ago

Ditto I've never played it. I was out of the hobby when it came out (different friends, different interests), and I'm not sure I've even seen it played at our games club in the last 5 years. Whilst I'm not likely to buy it, I certainly would be happy to join a game of it and occasionaly such games spark a big interest.

Premium User15 days ago

Yep, on the surface I might not be attracted to the game, but because it's so acclaimed, I'm much more interested.

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