Best Kickstarter Tabletop Games in 2019 – Trends and Numbers

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In 2019 board and card games were more popular on Kickstarter than ever before. Past year brought even more money to projects belonging to the “tabletop games” category and there were more campaigns hosted than ever. The shape of the market keeps changing and the way campaigns look and work evolves with every passing year. Bigger players keep moving towards Kickstarter, while tiny independent teams often have it harder.

Welcome to our yearly analysis. Time to take a look at what happened to Kickstarter tabletop game projects in 2019. Enjoy!

The Magnificent Twenty

Before we delve into big numbers and percentages, let’s look at what projects were the winners of 2019. 

As you can see, Awaken Realms have their game on the very top spot second year in a row with Etherfields. Bloodborne, which adapts a video game of the same name, placed second and got over ...

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Always interesting seeing numbers like this.