3 Upcoming Kickstarter Projects – From Games to Board Game Tables

More and more interesting projects are heading to Kickstarter in the nearest months. Today we look at 2 tabletop games and a project that could be classified as a rather sizeable board game accessory. Enjoy!

Megan Gaming Table – Spring 2020

The overall experience when playing our favourite board games is the vital part of having most fun with your favourite hobby. And we don’t mean just the choice of games. The place where you play them also has a big, if not colossal, role. 

Having an actual board game table is a dream of many geeks. Some have decided to make their own, others order overpriced sets online. This year, a company called GEEKNSON is about to start a project that might finally be what many have been waiting for. A full-on board game table with affordable pricing and healthy dose of optional accessories.

Megan is a hardwood gaming table, designed by the industry veterans and heavily inspired by the feedback from their friends and clients. Beneath the usual dining area, there’s the so-called Game Vault that appears when you remove the upper lid. There you can leave an entire game “saved” or just store it there for a while. This way the table mixes the tabletop gaming hobby with the practicality...


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Supporter6 months ago

Having a real gaming table is a dream of mine.