SpaceCorp 2025-2300AD Review - The Thoughtful Gamer

I can explain a lot of the emotions that board games give me. Tension and release; the satisfaction of solving a difficult puzzle; the greedy glee of outthinking a smart opponent; the casual serenity...

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Premium User53 days ago

I haven't played this one a ton but I also really enjoy it.  I agree with you on the flaws and the joy.  I recently got the #SpaceCorp: Ventures expansion and I'm dying to see how it changes things up!

53 days ago

I actually just played with the expansion on my last play. It's nothing radical but definitely adds vareity and nudges each player towards specific specialities. The different player boards and abilities are the coolest part but the best addition might be alternative scoring cards you can choose to use instead of colony scoring in era 3.

Premium User53 days ago

Cool. I look forward to trying it out!