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My Contest Haul image
COMCMy Contest Haul Fire LikeLike| 8 comments | [+]
Ranking all 24 spirits in spirit island image
ReviewRanking all 24 spirits in spirit island ( [Spirit Island: Promo Pack 2, Spirit Island: Jagged Earth, Spirit Island, Spirit Island: Promo Pack 1, Spirit Island: Branch & Claw]Like| 4 comments | [+]
PlaythroughRoot: Battle Report (Civil Strife) [Root: The Riverfolk Expansion, Root, Root: The Underworld Expansion]Like| 7 comments | [+]
  • Comparing Five Deck Building Games I Own [Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon, Hero Realms, Vikings Raid & Conquer Game, Trains, Clank! In! Space!]Christmas LoveLike| 6 comments | [+]