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Engine Building is my favorite mechanic. I think certain Deck Builders could be considered an Enginer Builder, but not every Deck Builder is. I think the main reason it isn't an official mechanic on BGG is because the way you build your engine varies between games. Such as tableau building, etc...

I also understand why sometimes people don't like it as much because if you build a really good combo, suddenly your turn can take much longer than other players. That is why #Space Base is one of my favorite ones though because you still get benefits on opponent turns.

I don't think I've played any dice based Euros, but I would really like to. Teotihuacan and Castles of Burgundy are two from your list I'd love to try, as well as Marco Polo and Alien Frontiers.

I'm not worried about getting my money out of it. But, I won't be playing any until I have my group again.... 

It is just true, that no matter how good a game is at telling a story, they will probably never be as good as a book or a movie. I still want to play one(some) sometime. But, it does lessen my desire to play one.

For me it's less about the one and done nature, and more that I simply am not interested in playing through a campaign of a board game. I like having each game be completely separate from all the other games. Maybe one day my opinion on this will change, but so far I've not been at all tempted by legacy games.

I can see that, I think I had similar reservations when I first heard about it but Pandemic legacy you will play 12-24 games of it before you are done, which to my mind is more than plenty of games I own have gotten. If you share the cost between the player you are probably paying £10-15 per person at this point which is pretty reasonable. I know some legacy games have relatively cheap reset packs if you did want to play again. 

I feel like I have gotten my money's worth from it.

I have yet to play a legacy game. I really want to sometime, but I still find the "one and done" nature to be a little hard to swallow, BUT, the more games I get, the less I find that a problem.

Perfect, I wrote a post in response. I expect that my unpopulor opinions, that are therein outlined, to catch me some flack....LOL

Haha, not a problem. My articles are littered with mistakes, it was just the perfect moment to cut off

There, it's finished now. Sorry. 

LOL...... I wondered what happened.

Oh dear...... That sort of thing is super frustrating.

Ok sorry. I fell asleep in the middle of this one. I'll finish it now. 

Played The Game of Life

Played at Home with 3 players.

Yeah, I can totally see that happening, it is certainly one that has benefitted from multiple plays for us. For example, that the game ends too early (I think the longest game varient is the best) is a factor that means you have to always try and be in the running, this means people can't just focus on building an engine and sweep the game at the end (which is my defult play-style) you have to be constantly watching and responding to your opponents: if person A builds a church is it because she just wants to protect her workers or is it her objective? If it's the second then i should build a church too to ensure I score if the game ends soon etc. I think it is a game that allows you to approach it several ways but in a given game will only reward some of them, as opposed to a lot of games that are much more generous and give you points for everything (I don't think either of these is superior to the other, just that the first one is less common)

On your second point, this is something that we found becomes less of an issue once players realise that the most efficient way to play is through a lot of trading. As such we would basically end up sanctioning players who caused a lot of unrest: players would trade with you or would build towns in your areas to limit your resource gathering potential. This is basically the same way you stop the 'sympathiser' (traitor) by just blocking them out of the game as much as possible so they have less influence. But again these aren;t mechanics that are baked into the game, it all comes from the players. It's part of why I love the game but I can totally see it being less fun for other people.

Played The Game of Life

Played at Home with 2 players.

Does you deck fell like it gets more efficient as you play or is it a case of being a constant ebb and flow the whole time with you having to maximise efficiency of what you have in that moment?

That's true, the player board in Paladins is basically the bulk of the game

That is very pretty, I love his artwork! 

While moving cubes on boards is very satisfying, I do like the flexibility that tableau builders often give: you often have great choice over what you upgrade and often have more unique upgrades.

Ha, Murphy's law, were there any shots you had to give up on in the end because they were too impossible.

I can imagine, those penguins look super hard to control.

Haha, this is excellent! I love Phil's reactions when (presumably after dozen's of tries) he finally gets it right.

I now want to see a compilation of all the attempts that whent hilariously wrong.

#Great Western Trail has a really enjoyable player board. As you get to unlock somethign every time you do a 'lap' but if you do laps slower you get more benefits, so there is a real feeling of trying to balance the two.

I am sure it will, I think it's great that you don't feel a need to 'protect your secrets' in a competitive sense.

'As for why this is such a great mechanic-' Why is it such a great mechanic?! Will we ever know? I mean, if you were to ask me it's because -

I have played Marco Polo and Troyes online recently and Atlantis at the last SHUX. Camel cup is one I haven’t played but have heard good things. 

I found Marco Polo good and Troyes was decent.  Atlantis was a pretty fun co-op game. 

They all have a slightly different approach to dice as well. Lots of options!

I like it but it doesn’t blow me away.  What aspect made it not fun for you?

I wonder how important displaying movie art will be compared to the actual game?.

 Trust in Direwolf and the spice will flow is what it come down to I suppose.

Well, here's to hoping some people that need it will see it and apply some of the lessons learned. I wish I had something like this when I started.

Well, here's to hoping some people that need it will see it and apply some of the lessons learned. I wish I had something like this when I started.

Courageous Bob
Legacy Mechanics - How they make a game epic [Pandemic Legacy: Season 1]

This should be it: https://merch.riotgames.com/en_US/product/mechs-v-s-minions-wave-3 :D

I know right?? So many people call this a steal because it has such a high production value haha

Oooo I didn't realize it was that inexpensive!

Goes with your username, nice :)

How many sessions have you gotten in for TI4 so far? Wish I could try it out some day.

Half way? Last time I checked I thought it was something like $75 before shipping!

I haven't played it yet.  I've seen some reviews and it looks like a game I'd enjoy.

I've only bought one upgrade: #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches and haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Getting the penguin circling through the doors took FOREVER. But I was glad that all of the other shots were finished within 30 min lol

It's something I've been seeing people talk about for a few years now. Here's a few links that discuss both sides.

The most common response is "a mechanic is someone who fixes cars" whereas a "mechanism is part of a machine or system (game) through which an effect or purpose is accomplished".




It's also worth pointing out that it's the term BGG uses, so people into hobby gaming might be most familiar with their usage. And yes I undertstand that you're trying to differentiate yourselves from them.

To be perfectly honest I suspect most people won't care. :D

Ohh I'm totally with you on this one. I prefer this type of progression more than tabealu builders because it makes it feel more relatable than when it's just cards. The only games in my collection with something like this is #Clans of Caledonia and #Root to some degree. It's fun to place down more of your tokens from your player board to the map and to get bonuses in Root. And as the Woodland Alliance, you can place warriors on your board that will act as your "officers" that grant additional actions on your turn.

I remember reading that the designer of Clans was inspired by #Hansa Teutonica for the shipping, merchant, and tech upgrades. I'm pretty sure I won't have the opportunity to play that game with others, so I was glad that Clans is a bit of a mixed bag of great mechanics from multiple games (and it still works!)

By the way, have you seen this game yet? #Endless Winter: Paleoamericans. It seems to have a player board with "unlockables" as well. The art is done by The Mico (Mihajlo) who worked with Garphill Games for the North Sea and West Kingdom series. Apparently the design has been handled by those who've been involved with games like Rurik, Coloma, and Sierra West.

Yeah, it was tons of fun to come up with interesting lists. And make definitive versions of some. 

I too really enjoy this part of games.#Paladins of the West Kingdom is another good one that offers this. 

The most brutal shot was just filming that penguin, but it looks good so it was worth it! I think the longest shot I had was the barrel token in the box. That was probably over 40 minutes. It was also one I felt sad about since the laptop camera footage didn't come through so we didn't have the closeup I wanted.

The Black Angel wasn't the longest but it was the most annoying because I made it in within the first 2 minutes somehow but wasn't recording!!! I ended spending another 20ish minutes before getting it in again, haha.

OMG this is great. The penguin ones are my favorite! All of Trent's "put it back in the box" shots are seriously impressive!

Played at Dorm with 2 players.

On vacation with the family and In-Laws so gaming has been plentiful so far this week.  First night I was on a team with my five year old playing#Ticket To Ride First Journey against my daughter, wife and father in law.  Little man did fantastic matching up the locations by picture (just starting to read and the city names are still too long for him) and made excelllent draws and we ended up winning.

Last night I got to play my second ever game of#Wingspan and we played with 4 players.  I'm totally hooked on the game now even though I came in last but my wife took the prize on her first time playing.  I hope to get one or two more rounds in this week.

Tonight I am playing scenario 7 of#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion with my four solo characters and so far so good.  Since we are on vacation I can leave everything set up to get at least one more round in before we leave.

Tomorrow we are going to play either#Carcassonne or start the #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris campaign with 3 players.  I can update later on how it plays out the rest of the week.

Played Arkham Horror: The Card Game

Played with 2 players.

I have Raiders and it's really fun.  I do like the tension of hoping someone else will put the right worker down in a spot you can play.  It creates great tension of, do I take an action I need or do I go after the white worker because I'll need it soon.  Somtimes you have to look around and figure out if others will get a white worker and have the other things you need to go after the same spot.  Really fun.

If it ships close enough to Christmas I may have to break my one game this year for it, but I'd hold off on opening it until "Christmas".  Close is October ish, haha!  Or sooner...

Awesome.  Well it's a fun video for sure.  Thanks for putting it together.  You're gonna get ripped if you keep doing them, haha!

Played Sprawlopolis

Played at Vacation with 2 players.

Nice! Man, your store is pretty amazing. Hope you end up with a copy because I think you'll like it a lot.

Trent's been on this for a lot longer than me while I've been juggling between this and my typical tasks (he handles all of the editing and camera work.) We've been at this since Thursday I think? Which one took you the longest ?

Hahaha...... tons xD.....................

For example, for the one where I flicked the penguin around four doors (I think this was the longest one ), I did that for about an hour, took a 10 min break, then went on for another 30 minutes. I probably flicked it about once per 4-8 seconds, so probably somewhere around 800-1000 takes for that one. My back and shoulders were on fire lol and Trent had to keep following the movement every single time too.

I had a dice phase some months ago when I was on the lookout for the perfect game with dice workers! And I agree with you, I really enjoy the perfect mixture of strategical thinking and tactical decisions you make when trying to deal with the bad rolls.

The only ones I've played are #The Voyages of Marco Polo, #Atlantis Rising (second edition), and #Camel Up (second edition)

Marco Polo bears some resemblances to Coimbra I believe. In MP, you have a set number of dice workers that you can place on various spots. You can spend resources to hire more workers or get re-rolls. The big catch in MP is (1) when taking an action that requires more than one die, the "power" of your action is determined by the lowest numbered die and (2) when you want to place your workers on an already occupied spot, (1) you have to pay to take that action. The amount you pay is determined by the lowest numbere die. This makes it so that low numbered dice are just as important when you're really needing to take actions on populars spots without breaking your bank for it. Besides this, this game features highly unique variable player powers where one character doesn't even need to roll dice haha 

For #Atlantis Rising (second edition), it's a co-op game where players work together to gather different resources from different peninsula that jut out from the center of the island. The probability of gaining a resource increases the further you go out to the end of the peninsula but you also run the risk of not being able to take that action if the location you're standing on happens to flood away. You roll dice to determine if you obtained a resource. You can mitigate bad luck by spending "Mystic Energy"


#Camel Up (second edition) is a racing game and each die corresponds to a camel of the same color. To be honest, I think this is my favorite out of these three games. I absolutely love the random, silly, chaotic fun of it even though there's very little strategy involved.

I'd love to try out #Troyes. I feel like it would be one of my favorites within this category. I also have #Root that uses dice but it's not the biggest part of the game.

This is amazing.  How many takes did you have to do?

Wow, how long did this video take???

I bet the black angel shot took the longest. 

It has always intrigued me, and, I'd like to try it. 

Only one of these I've played is CoB. And I really haven't enjoyed any of my plays of it. 

Courageous Bob
Game DesignWhy I like Raiders twist on Worker placement [Raiders of the North Sea]

lol, yes that is a nice aspect of #Viticulture: Essential Edition

That's awesome, it was really enjoyable to read them and get a feel for some of the other users

Great list!  I actually like the Rooster placement part of Viticuture the most in that game.

But...but...that's a good point...

Thanks! Will go and read it now :)

Last week's challenge resulted in 60+ posts!

Glad you enjoyed it! Looking forward to seeing your posts

Great list of games.  I think you have definitely hit on the subtle, or not so subtle, differences between these games and other games of their kind. 

Good idea!  Got a post up. :)

Last week's challenge was great fun. This one seems good too!

We got in a great game of #Everdell at our house this weekend.  

That's a good roundup!

Top 5 Game Mechanics/Actions [Viticulture: Essential Edition, Heaven & Ale, Gloomhaven, Spirit Island, Anachrony]

I picked up #Concordia. It has been on my list for awhile and it finally went under $40.

Thanks for the list.

I played #Black Angel solo 3 times. I lost them all.

Eh, we had 3 battles to fight and lost all 3, lol. Although this morning I realized that I technically should have won mine, but it wouldn't have made a difference in the outcome of the game.

Did you come close to winning with that betrayal of the Emporer??

This game I was allied with the Emperor for the majority, and broke it off to ally with Bene Gesserit in the final turn. The Spacing Guild (with Harkonnen) ended up winning with the Spacing Guild's default victory condition.

I remember having this conversation before, I have heard from other news sources that Fremen are the least powerful but I know you like them! Who did you form an aliance with?

Atreides. So far my favorite has been Fremen, I think, but I've only played 3, and only once each, haha.

What faction did you play as in Dune?