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Lol, it does seem fairly frequent

I like the art of Concordia, it is discretely colorful and simple :) I usually prefer wood tokens over the realistic ones, to me only the cloth token is odd from the set:)
Which metal coin set did you get for the game?

After playing for the first time, my friend said "I had almost suggested that we play something else instead because it looked so bland", but he absolutely loved the experience of playing and wanted to play again at the following session.

Truly, give it a shot.  Though it may take some convincing to get people past how dull it looks, the actual gameplay experience is top notch; and I say that as someone who generally favors thematic games.

Interesting. I’ve considered a couple of Tiny Epic Games a number of times but never pulled the trigger. The lack of potential depth was always a concern for me. 

Wow fantastic selections. A week well-spent!

Dude your games are always decided by one point!

Still sounds fun though!

Was the Game fun?

Been playing a lot of #Star Wars Imperial Assault. Just can’t stop playing it actually. 

My game group met on TTS for our second Heart of the Empire campaign session. I’ve still yet to win a mission against them. 

Dang, nice variety of games there!

This looks like a no-brainer for them to make and also potentially quite fun. 

This game used to be so high on my wish list. I still think it would be absolutely incredible but I’ve moved it down several pegs because I don’t think I could convince my family to play it and I don’t know if my game group would find it all that exciting.

The theme is at least Roman! That counts for something. 

I think my board game research increases my FOMO, because every game I read about makes me excited. Well. Almost every game. 

#Oh My Goods! is a neat engine builder in a tiny box

Amen.  I think my resolution has helped me back off on the Board game "research" and has helped stem any FOMO I may have.

Oh man.  I will have to check this out.  When I was in High School there was a Pokemon Deck Building game that was kind of like Magic lite.  I remember my buddy and I played it all the time.  If I went back to the the root (pun intended) of getting into the hobby I'm sure it started there.  But that was many moons ago.

I don’t know...I don’t normally worry too much about portability of games. I guess games that come in smaller boxes that I like would Love Letter, Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, not sure what else. 

There are a few factors, but I find this to be extremely helpful.

It really helps to have limited budget for it! If I had had a much bigger salary or less stuff to take care of, I think I'd be buying a lot more often. But to your point, I really do have a very focused preference for games.

Obviously you haven't played a ton, but how did you find the 2-player gameplay? Do you feel like it would be better at 3 or 4, or do you think it's just as strong at 2? What map did you use?

I love my standing desk for work but a board game evening at a desk...hmmmm.  Maybe stand up for one game, sit down for the next? ;)

Yeah, we added Board Game Arena to get access to some new options we really wanted to try.  Tabletopia is good as well of course.  More selection isn't a bad thing.  :)

I've heard mixed things from Caylus players about the new version but I've never played it.  I quite like the old version!

It depends who we have with us in our group.  Both sessions this week we had the faster group who don't absolutely have to min/max every move, especially in our first play of a game!

Best experience is a good question but hard to answer.  I am pretty easy going for most games.  I'm just happy to be playing.  I think if I had to answer I think I enjoyed playing Tzol'kin the most but Troyes and Caylus were close seconds.  For pure laughs per minute of play 6 Nimmit! was the best. :)


I must play this game. I have high hopes for it in terms of the "will my wife like this" criteria, aside from the boring theme and art.

That is an impressive amount of game to fit into one day and one night! You must take turns much quicker than I do 😅

Which play was the best experience for you (even if not your favourite game)?

Yeah, I can definitely see that, I have played a couple of them, Quest and Zombies, and while I love the little equip-able meeples the games do seem to tend towards the shallower side. But I can imagine as a travel game some of them could work out okay. Is there another game or other games that fill the Tiny Epic niche better for you?

I am always open to suggestions! The two games that have gripped me so far with a heavier theme with interesting mechanics are any of the Aeon's End games and Too many Bones (super expensive and hard to find). Anything you recommend me diving into?

First thought, are you from Europe? A lot of the terms you used gave me that vibe!

Second thought, I just heard about Archipelago from Board Game Barrage and had never heard of it! I will need to look into it, semi-coop is an odd space to live in!

Third thought, GWT seems to a game that has simple mechanics that is amplified by the options given to you. I would play it if given the opportunity but it is in an odd place for me as well with my desire to own it! I am glad you found people that like it! You also have to call it the Cow game lol. 

It is my first Kickstarter game (threw myself in at the deep end) but it is worth a try on TTS if you can find 3 people and an evening (it is quite a long game)

Good luck on the search, let me know if you would like help with some suggestions.

I think for me it's when the theme and mechanics compliment and as such enhance each other is when a game really pops

I wonder if this is just a gateway into the CCG. If that's the case, it's a pass for sure. If it's its own thing, then maybe.

I think #Archipelago ended up being too much for some of the people at my local games club, some of them aren't too keen on negotiation and didn't real go in for the semi-coop aspect. Fortunately, it was a big hit with a group of friends from university I still meet up with semi-regularly.

At a different point in time, I got #Great Western Trail, and it proved a little too complex for my family (who I had bought it as something to play at Christmas) but worked out great with the same uni group (it is now designated 'the cow game') and my then board game club.

I didn't realize #Caylus was on Board Game Arena. I've had my eye on #Caylus 1303 but it would be nice to try the original first.

I can respect that, I have not played tooooo many theme driven games, and the ones I have played I did not love (See #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game), but I can see myself loving a game like #Aeon's End. I think I put mechanics over theme but I see the value and my wife loves story/theme driven games so I am trying to find games with a good combo of both. 

Not gonna lie, I actually had made a standing desk out of board games....

Played #Takenoko with friends online in boardgamearena.com.  The game implementation in this site is excellent although the graphics could be better.  I wish there is a way in tabletopia.com to implement the rules and scoring because their 3D implementation is much nicer to look at.

I think for me there is a base level of mechanical cleverness/elegance that a game has to achieve to ever be 'good' in my head. But after that point improved mechanics become less and less significant (diminishing returns) without a strong theme to tie them together into something intuitive and narrative and 'fun'. For me the joy in games has always been about the interactions (both as part of the game and in response to it) that happen around the table, and whereas mechanics make for a good puzzle and interesting competition. The laughter and jokes etc. tend to come more from the theme and how it makes those mechanics 'meaningful'.

None of this is in anyway to put down a love of mechanic focused games (or those that love them) and I do enjoy a good puzzler to smash my brain against!

Lizards offer such a fun challenge to me.  You can always do something but you have to adjust to the other players frequently.

I’ve yet to try the Riverfolk or Corvid but they also look like a lot of fun.

@trentellingsen awesome to see the banner on top supporting the movement.

I think the level 3 ingredients all seem pretty weak. Like I do not get excited about what any of them do I think. 

okay, I'm glad then. I want it to be possible to take over the lead at least. 

Can you pin point why that set though? I feel the blue one is too unlikely to happen (land in a ruby space with that chip) but maybe the yellow one somewhat undermines the risk factor (exploding) too much which is part of the fun. Not sure really. 

I think 3 is my least favorite as well. 

For the catch up, I have played games where no lead is safe...I have also played games where what you experienced is true. Each game plays out differently and each person pushes their luck differently!

Had my usual one night and one day of gaming this week.  We got a broad set of games in, some classics which I was dying to play:

  • #Tzol'kin: The Mayan Calendar: Board game arena, multiplayer.  First time playing this and I really enjoyed it!  I could definitely see the seeds of #Teotihuacan: City of Gods in it.  However, I think I would consider owning both as the gears are a cool feature and this is a faster playing game.  (Although I do prefer Teotihuacan overall.)
  • #6 Nimmit!: Board Game Arena, multiplayer (x2): Fun game I've played before.  Always good for some chuckles.  Great filler game.
  • #Troyes: Board Game Arena multiplayer: First time playing for me.  Played quite fast.  I enjoyed the dice/worker combination and the player interaction of buying other players dice.  Really added a nice interactive element to the game.  The game was close overall.
  • #Race for the Galaxy: Board Game Arena, multiplayer: I've played this one a couple of times before.  It actually felt a bit easier to play on Board Game Arena as it managed the cards for you but the teach was harder as you couldn't flip over cards to show as examples for the explanations.  
  • #Libertalia Board Game: Board Game Arena, multiplayer: I've seen it on tabletop but never played it.  It was a fun little game with some cool mechanisms and interactions.  I like games where everyone picks their card and shows them at the same time and then you see what the fallout is.  (See 6 Nimmit! above for another example.)  It just leads to some funny occurrences and good natured ribbing.  The game is short enough that getting screwed by bad luck isn't a huge deal.  With the reset after every campaign you are never really fully out of it anyway.
  • #Caylus: Board Game Arena: Multiplayer.  This is another classic which I had never played.  I really enjoyed this one!  I like the Provus interaction and making sure you take that in to account.  You definitely have to be more cuthroat with the provost, trying to go first in the various spots etc.  Another player and I started jockeying over the lawyer as he was creating all the residences and I was trying to get some myself.  The third player went a completely different strategy and won quite handily.  Fun game!  It's one I'd own for sure.

Interesting. I stand all day at work and would love it if my countertop was adjustable but standing to play board games? Hmm. 

"which has definitely convinced me that she watched it" - LOL

I've wanted to buy it since release but always hold out cause its on the heavier side and i'd primarily play it at 2. I love it though. I'd definitely prefer it at higher player counts but I  liked it. I was teaching the game though so I'd hold out on the verdict until at least one more play. 

I've  played with the first 3  sets. So far my least favorite combination is the level  3 ones, but I love the variability. Also has your experience been that its very hard to catch up to the leader? Not that many plays in, but i did notice neither of us could catch up when the other was ahead. 

Played the solo version of #Nova Luna last night.  Was pretty straight forward, I scored a 75 which is under a 100 and the game calls "great:...Honestly it didn't seem that hard to me...perhaps I just got lucky with the tiles that came out...Have any of you played solo and what was your score?  It could also be that I am scoring the game incorrectly and not adding the 2 phases together even though the rule book doesn't explicitly say to do so...

Quacks is a ton of fun but Scythe is one of my favourites of all time.  I haven't played it at 2 but I know people that have played hundreds of two player games and love it.  How did you find it at 2?

Now here's a punny game @Crazybirdman :D

Love a good dice game, I'm looking forward to seeing your review Ben! Always enjoy seeing games with this twist in the typical genre/theme.

I played quite a few of my Magic the Gathering decks against one another including play testing a vintage deck with at least a couple of turn one win conditions.  I also managed to play two solo Viscounts of the West Kingdom games on Tabletopia and another 2 player game with a friend.  Other games this past week include Love Letter, Authors, Wingspan, Volcano Island the Curse of..., Pictures 2x, and Trismeggistus which I convinced my wife to play and she semi-enjoyed but it's hard to say if she will play it again.

And, no sooner did I make this post live than the delivery man dropped off a review copy of DIE in the Dungeon! on my doorstep! My hype is even more now haha

CrowdfundingDIE in the Dungeon: Solo Reverse Dungeon Crawl [DIE in the Dungeon!]

Oh for sure, it looks like a blast with all sorts of ages!

Ohhh gotcha, thanks! That's another family/party game that I'd love to try out with the high schoolers some day. That and #Men At Work

Haze Islands has interested me since the designer released the pnp, but I have yet to print it out and play it. I should really get on that, as it seems like it's something I'd really like. 

Oh yeah! I completely forgot about that one. Still hope to try it out some day, maybe I'll give it a go on TTS

Now that would be amazing, "u/Courageous Bob causes yet another game to sell out with just a comment in the forums" xD

Not much this weekend. #Codenames and #Codenames: Duet and a game of #The Mind but nothing outside of that really!

Quacks is sooo good! Did you play with just the first level ingredients?

Wavelength had a playthrough on GameNight recently too, that might have pushed it a bit. 

Hopefully they do not pull back on the production quality. I feel like that is what defines them!

Ya I am getting the impression that I could play #Too Many Bones with someone who does not know the rules well and I could assist them through, Cloudspire is a different story especially PVP but there is a coop campaign but there is quite a bit more to know for that game in general. 

Lizard cult is my favorite. I think mainly because I like playing the underdog. 

What are some games that you overshot but they turned out to be a success for you and your group?

Ahhh got it, the theme is what draws you into a game and I respect that! I do not need a theme to pull me in, I love solid mechanics but I understand why theme is so important!

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg arrived pretty fast in  the mail and got 3 plays in at 2 players, we loved game, really fun. 

#Lord of the Rings: The Card Game solo and lost pretty hard, first time playing the tactics sphere.

#Scythe second time ever playing scythe. Tabletopia at 2p. 

Always impressed and amazed by the amount of time and creativity in these! What's your favorite faction so far across the base game and the expansions?

I was pretty interested in Maztec and had a chance to review it. Unfortunately, I had to turn it down because the timeframe was too tight. 

Hopefully the TM Big Box will have better player boards. As much as I'd love to get this deluxified version, my "retro" copy still works just fine...even with those less-than-fancy player boards haha

Yeah, hopefully this doesn't allow myself to get more ships. First I gotta have time to play it solo, then see if the solo is actually worth it haha Still, it's about time they did this for X-Wing! Now they need to do it for their other Star Wars games, like Destiny :)

I hadn't heard of The Defence Procyon III before, so I just looked into it and it looks pretty neat!

I taught my four-year-old (5 this month!) how to play #Bullfrogs yesterday. He caught on super fast, although strategy was obviously a bit above him haha I like teaching him new games to get a grasp for what he's ready for. This kid will be my gaming buddy in a few years; he loves playing games, even if he has no idea what's going on haha

Last night I dusted off my copy of #Horizons which I haven't played since I reviewed it back in the end of 2018. My wife beat me 61-56, which, if I had done one thing differently at the end, I would have beat her by one point. It's a great game. It's a 4x game, without the extermination. So 3x, I suppose haha There is a small #Extermination Expansion Pack that adds a small amount of player interaction (such as removing or destroying the all-important colonies), so I guess that makes it 4x. Great game though, and my wife enjoyed it too, which will help it get to the table a lot more. I've been really wanting to play it for a year now, so I'm glad I finally got it out.

Congrats! What was your choice of prize? I think we're all dying to know :) 

Just wanted to throw out a recommendation of #Forgotten Waters.  It's a narrative driven Pirate adventure that uses a website app (check it out here https://www.fwcrossroads.com/) to guide you through multiple adventures.  We have played with 3 players but i could easily see this being fun with even more (it plays up to 7).  The voice acting is great in the app and the story lines are well written and quite funny.  The game itself is on the lighter side but still has enough going on that gamers will have something to do as the adventures require some coordination as each of you controls various functions on the ship and a bit of luck with dice rolling.  There is also a personal pirate story going on for each player (there are 21 to choose from) and you get to decide if you want to help yourself or help the crew in many instances.  A story will play out based upon your decisions with bad better and best endings.   Overall, I'd highly recommend this to anyone looking for some fun.  We really enjoy it.

The Tiny Epic games do a good job of combining mechanics from other games into a small package but somehow never feel as engaging as the games they borrow from. So a couple recent plays of Galaxies after a long time and the fact that my other tiny epic games never seem to come off the shelf, has me questioning getting another tiny epic game. 

I played another game of #The Fox in the Forest Duet with my partner, we are still enjoying it greatly.

Also started a game of #The Defence of Procyon III on TTS, didn't have time to finish, but I am really enjoying it.

Did #Tiny Epic Galaxies put you off #Tiny Epic Pirates? Or was it something else? I have never quite gotten into the tiny epic series

Three games of #Cryptid. Just bought it this week. The kids liked it more than me but that is fine. 

And another game of #Tiny Epic Galaxies. I am possibly reaching the point of cancelling my #Tiny Epic Pirates pledge. I don’t normally do Kickstarter and I’m starting to get cold feet on this one. 

I hadn't used gimp before when I tried to use this template. Just start by deleting all text ad stuff that you don't need. Then maybe arangge the layers in some order that makes sense to you. And you should download baskerville pro 10 font. Otherwise just Google guides to the specifics you want the program to do. 

Cool, thanks for sharing.  This looks intense, I hope I can figure it out.

Played at Tabletop Simulator with 3 players.

Played at Tabletop Simulator with 3 players.

Played at Tabletop Simulator with 3 players.

Played For Sale

Played with 3 players.

Played For Sale

Played with 3 players.

Played at Home with 2 players.

Are these board games, I can't tell from the website?

I see, that is a shame, but hopefully lesson learnt for them as well so they will be more attentive next time.

Is there a particular mix of factions you find produces the best games?