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Oh snap! They are back! That is exciting that y'all have specific partnerships now for this!

I am in a weird state with my collection, I am starting to crave things I never thought I would...thematic games... I have my eye on #Marvel Champions: The Card Game right now!

Less diverse than usual but still had fun gaming this week!

  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical & TTS, solo & multiplayer) x4:  we finished off the Red Skull campaign handily and I spent a few games tweaking my hulk deck.  It’s decidedly not meant for solo. 
  • #Dune: Imperium (TTS, Multiplayer):  First non-solo game!  It was quite enjoyable.  Very smooth play with a good decision space.  It also wa thematic to the next game...
  • #Dune (TTS, multiplayer):  First time playing!  We were going to have 6 but dropped to 5 due to a power outage. I must say it is definitely a really good game!   I can see why people like it so much. We had late alliances and my ally (Atreides) and I were nearly wiped off the map at one point but came back to take the win!  We actually called it at the end of round 9 because my Spacing Guild special win was a lock unless we took 4 locations. The other alliance and individual player were in no position to resist us.  Definitely a blast!  
  • #Noctiluca 1x @ 2p - bought this on sale to play with my wife. We gave it a try, and we liked it! Not sure it will make it into "love" territory, but we enjoyed it. I could see this getting half a dozen plays and then leaving our collection, but we'll see how our feelings on it develop.
  • #The Blood of an Englishman 2x @ 2p - I got this game for Christmas and finally got it played with a friend! We played twice and switched roles, as it's an asymmetric, 2-player card game. It's a neat game! Super simple rules, but interesting and tough decisions. It's probably a 15-20 minute game which is nice as well. I can see playing this more in the future when we have a few minutes! I'm not sure if my wife would like it, but I'll make her try it, haha
  • #Innovation 1x @ 2p - I also got this for Christmas, and this was my first time playing the physical copy; I played with the same friend. I think we forgot some rules, but overall we enjoyed it, and I can definitely see us playing it more. I don't think my wife would like it at all.
  • #Villagers 1x @ 2p - my friend asked to try this one out as he's seen it on the shelf for a few months without having tried it. He enjoyed it, but I'd be surprised if the two of us played it again. I'm personally pretty much done with this game, so I'll never suggest it, but my wife likes it so we keep it :)

Thanks for sharing this! I came across the news yesterday but didn't share it because for some reason, I mixed it up with #The Oregon Trail Card Game 😆

I've been back and forth about getting into GWT so I'll be looking out for this. What's your interest level on this? 

Some of those games you mentioned were lower than you'd expect aren't surprising because of PubMeeple. While it's certinly a useful tool, it suffers from the problem of that initial face off dividing it into top half and bottom half and nothign moves from that position after that. It depends heavily on what it was matched against. Still, looks like a solid list except for all the card games. XD I kid. Card games aren't my jam. I agree on a lot of your top games though. 

Lots of games this week including some solo variants:

  • #Brass: Birmingham (solo, physical): Using a variant I found online I quite enjoyed this one solo!  It wasn't nearly as good as a multiplayer game as there was no guessing what they opponents would do next.  Still, it was fun to get a feel of the game in general.  This is a top 5 game for me so it's nice to get it to the table a bit more.
  • #Brass: Lancashire (solo, physical): I used a different variant which wasn't quite as good.  I'm going to try combining some rules from the birmingham variant with this one to see if I can get a better feeling solo game.
  • #Champions of Midgard (solo, physical): With valhalla and dark mountains.  Also found a variant online for this one which was pretty good!  Blocked off some spaces and had a reasonably realistic score at the end.  I managed to win by about 10 points in a high scoring game.  This is a top 20 game for me and it's always a good play.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (solo & multiplayer, physical & TTS) x5: Still really enjoying this game!  Played a couple of missions in the Red Skull campaign as well as a couple of Ultron matches with my group.  Also tried out a new deck design solo.  
  • #Feierabend (Multiplayer, Tabletopia): First game of this with my group.  I would say it is...fine.  The hook of relaxing your workers is interesting and the wave like scoring as you relax, go back to work and stress, relax more, go back to work and stress a bit less was a bit different.  Overall though it didn't stand out for me.  It wasn't bad at all it was just fine.
  • #Clank! In! Space! (Solo, physical) x2: One of my favourites as well.  Played a couple of games.  In the first one luck was really against me and I didn't make it out alive.  In the second game though I made it out well in time with an A- rating.  (Using the app which is fun!)I like the quirky space humour and the app adds different objectives and style of play which spices up the solo game quite a bit.

Good week!

A few different games this week:

  • #7 Wonders (TTS, multiplayer) x 2: I haven't played this game a ton but I quite enjoy it and I can see why it's so popular!  I lost the first game but once I remembered the flow of the game managed a good win in game 2.
  • #Kanban EV (tabletopia, multiplayer):  First time playing this one and I think it is my favourite Lacerda game. I fully admit to feeling like most of his titles add stuff for stuffs sake to a point where I feel it is a bit much. Kanban didn't give me that feeling much at all.  The complexity felt appropriate for the most part.  Fun game!
  • #Hansa Teutonica (tabletopia, multiplayer):  First time playing this one.  For a game with a reasonably simple set of rules there is a lot of things to consider. Blocking other players, getting upgrades or setting yourself up for points.  Which path to take and should you rush the game or take it slow.  Good mix of tactical and strategic thinking with just a hint of meanness. Good game!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (physical/TTS, solo/multiplayer) x4: No surprise. This is a weekly thing I quite enjoy. I had to try out Ant Man and Wasp as I just got them. I also had an idea for a Spider Woman deck that need some solo play.  For multiplayer I created a Hulk deck that was just pure smash. Quite fun!  It needed some backup because it can be a bit hit and miss (flavour win) but we managed to take out the wrecking crew and I think it performed decently. 

Good week!

Finished up more #Arkham Horror: The Card Game, specifically, we played #Barkham Horror: The Card Game - The Meddling of Meowlathotep Scenario Pack. The puns and flavor text were fun, but we all wished the scenario was a little more interesting. 

However, we are finally taking a break from Arkham, and we are going to move on to #Gloomhaven!! Not JOTL, but I'm sure we'll be fine. We'll be starting this Friday and I'm excited. 

I played the German version of the card game Rummy (Romme) with my wife and exchange student when my two game night mates couldn't make it at the last minute.  Then played #Century: Spice Road with our student after my wife left to pick up our son from work.  I lost at Romme, but won C:SR by eight points just one turn from loosing.

What a fun question... as you know I try to be very discerning with my purchases for many of the same reasons.  I want to really enjoy what I have.  I still have games I love that don't get played enough.  It also helps me weed out games that maybe aren't my favorites.  I have a few games I'd like to try to sell but haven't had much luck (because I don't have Facebook and don't have access to marketplace).

For me budget is also a factor.

I'm curious if your friends are pushing you to read Red Rising or buy the game?  I say if it's to buy the game because they really love the IP and want to play tell them to get it.  (This is not meant to sound snarky).

Honestly, there isn't much right now that I really want to get (which is a good thing).  I do think I'd at least consider #Ares Expedition - The Terraforming Mars Card Game and #Shadow Tactics - the Board Game.  On a semi related notes, I never get 2P games which is a little sad since there are some great ones out there, but I just don't ever have a chance to play those.

I think I would have waited #Western Legends until after the KS.  I'm glad I backed it and supported it, but from a financial stand point I don't think many of the extras you got from backing were worth what it cost.

I wouldn't say I passed on the #Root KS because it was on KS when I first was really heavy into the hobby and I don't think I had a chance to pay attention enough to back it.

They are pushing me to read the book.  No one knew about the game until I mentioned it.  I'd be more inclined to encourage them to buy the game and play it with them than get it myself. 

#Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition looks interesting but from what I have heard, it's Terraforming Mars the card game.  If I didn't have Terraforming Mars already I'd consider it.  

I think #Tiny Epic Dinosaurs was the most disappointing game I remember getting on Kickstarter.  It's not too bad and I am not looking to actively get rid of it because it's still fun for a small box game on a trip, but not nearly as much fun as I was hoping.

My only interest in the new TM card game is that I love the theme but didn't love the original game.  But it's not enough to back it.

The only game I really wish in the long run I hadn't backed or picked up was #Tiny Epic Zombies.  It was fine at first but I figured out after that I don't love one versus all or coop games much.  I think the Tiny Epic games are cool, but generally they don't blow me away when I play them.  I think if I had a need for more travel games I would be more interested in them.

Having said that I'm really happy I backed #Tiny Epic Tactics because it's based on my all time favorite video game and I don't have the cash to get into a bigger Tactical board game.  Plus, it's really fun.

Lots of games this week including playing through some recent purchases solo:

  • #Dune: Imperium (Physical, solo) x4: Ok, what they say is true. This game is a lot of fun solo!  With the app it is super easy and it adds a little bit of card churn which I think is important.  My group is going to be playing it mulitplayer online later this week.  Can't wait to try it out that way.  Perhaps a review is in order?
  • #Tiny Towns with #Tiny Towns: Fortune & #Tiny Towns: Villagers (Physical, solo) x1: Just got Villagers.  I think it will be my last expansion for Tiny Towns as the game is starting to bloat past it's fun vs time ratio.  I agree with Tom Vasel's review, the new buildings are awesome.  The Villager mechanic is fine but I could take it or leave it.
  • #Hadara (Physical, solo) x1: Downloaded the solo variant from the publisher.  This one plays quite well solo!  The AI gets the card you don't pick which is always interesting.  It doesn't 100% feel like the multiplayer game but retains enough of the feel to keep it fun for me.  Thumbs up to Hadara solo mode.
  • #Lorenzo il Magnifico (Tabletopia, multiplayer) x2: One of my favourite Euros.  Man was my gameplay off though.  Came last in both games but still had fun.  It was actually quicker than I remember it being which was nice and allowed us to get two games in an evening session.
  • #Cascadia (Tabletopia, multiplayer): I have kickstarted this game.  It's a pretty quick little tile laying game that has some thinking to it and leaves you at the end with a cool little map with wildlife on it.  Fun!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS, Multiplayer) x2:  Missions 3 and 4 of the Red Skull campaign.  I think standard mode is a bit easy for us now.  Except for one scary moment in mission 4 we handled it pretty well.  Final mission coming up!
  • #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea with #Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea: Pestilence Expansion (Physical, solo): Just got pestilence so decided to play vs two AI opponents.  Won handily.  I think I need to play the AI cards a bit differently to make them act more realistically to add some challenge to the game.  Pestilence looks so cool on the table with the skyland in the middle!

#Innovation - My wife and I are on 2 plays of this game and really love it.  Seems to be a lot of replayability with this one.

#Point Salad - Quick little time filler game to play.  I always seem to under draft point cards and end up with a low score.  Trying to put all your eggs in one basket doesn't work in this game.

#Florenza: The Card Game - Found this gem at the thrift store for a couple of bucks.  There's a lot of cards to manage in your hand but plenty of potential in this game. Resource management is one of my favorite mechanics.

No game nights but a game day Saturday afternoon. Some #Marvel Champions: The Card Game with the group.