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Call to Adventure Review - Where Will Your Adventure Take You? image
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Call to Adventure Review – Where Will Your Adventure Take You? image
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Call to Adventure Card Game Overview image
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Little slow this week... Played a game of #Adventure Land with the wife and my youngest on Tuesday. Fun game - wish the expansion was available! Then #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) with the boys last night. I won on the second failed dominance check... Can't let someone hog those purple cards! :)

Good night with the Allegany Boardgaming Society! #Paris Connection just came out on Board Game Arena, so I learned that in preparation and we played a couple of games. I love cube rails! Then our usual round of #Codenames before another new to BGA game - #No Thanks!. We love these mean little fillers. :) Then we rounded off the night, as we often do, with a couple games of #Flaming Pyramids.

For the second weekend in a row, I actually played some #Frostgrave: Second Edition! I've been reading and building and painting so long that this feels like a real accomplishment! :D

We played the "Living Museum" scenario, and my son definitely came out on top. The statues guarding the treasure made the middle of the board a slaughterhouse, so he used Telekinesis to pull treasures out of there. My archers whiffed on some big rolls, and my spellcasters didn't accomplish much either. The boy came away with four treasures to my one.

Can't wait to play some more! Next order of business is a playmat, so that our dude aren't running across our kitchen table. :)

Ooh, nice terrain!  I love painting miniatures as well and I have done some terrain but not anything to put down on a table.  I like it!

How is adventure land?  My local board game store (when I was at the office) had two or three copies that sat there for years.  They were selling them half price and they never moved.  Is it better than what my gut was telling me about it?

I've been trying to decide if #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island would be a good fit for our crew. This campaign looks like it could just sway me!
The only reason I'm hestitant is because of the dic rolling. Does the randomness rolling, when resolving actions, make or break the game? I know that you can always use two pawns for an action and avoid dice rolling. How often is that possible though if you are actually going to win?

I love that they have an upgrade pack!  That's a miss on other games that create a new version and leave behind the folks that invested in the original.  I will most likely get the upgrade pack at some point.  Looks like there's a campaign-type addon as well?  I think that goes well with this game.  

I haven't even tried all the original adventures from the first game yet!  This seems like it will add hours more content to an already epic game.

I think a difficult aspect of this to gauge is the take-off of the board game industry over the past decade.  Boardgames from #Catan ( please don't hold me to that as a primary baseline but I feel in general Catan was the first European game to take off in American significantly...I'm sure there are other valid arguments) and on increased rapidly as more people began to appreciate the dynamic boardgames offer to the community and I think, to some degree, the video game industry stalling out a bit and folks looking for more interaction.

I believe, in general, most of my games are 2015 and beyond.  There are a few that predate that #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island , #Splendor , #Orléans , and few others but think the mechanics of many newer games have gotten better as time has gone on.  I several cases I have let go of an older game because a new, more refined game, came along and I found it more enjoyable.

I do like the idea and think it's worth considering.  One of the reasons I am not purchasing games this year is to settle in more with the game I have and try to be conscientious of what is worth looking into and what isn't.  


I've got a few from Christmas that I haven't played yet, as well as some more group-oriented games that haven't been played yet. This is, by far, the most unplayed games I've ever had at once, and I want to get these games off of the list, haha. The group games I don't feel too bad about, but the other ones I will try to play ASAP.

Group games:

Christmas gifts:

#Roll Player Adventures has me excited, #Root expansion will make me happy when my buddy gets it, #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exilehas been getting me more and more interested.

#Burncycle is fascinating, really hoping they stick the landing, and I will look at #Now or Never with a critical eye.  #Above and Below was solid, and I did not like #Near and Far, but he does do interesting stuff.  So we shall see.

I'm discovering more and more how much I love narrative games, especially with the choose-your-own adventure feel to them, so I am STOKED to see that Now or Never is supposed to come out this year. 

Definitely looking forward to that! 

Out of the ones mentioned I am definitely interested in #Frosthaven (luckily I already kickstarted it.), and #Roll Player Adventures.  I enjoy the games in the series #Roll Player, #Lockup: A Roll Player Tale, and #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale.  The price tag will definitely keep me away from this one though.  I have gloomhaven to finish still before frosthaven comes in.  Maybe in another couple of years when I'm done Frosthaven I'll take a look though. :)

#Splendor and #Dominion: Second Edition were the two games that really pulled me into looking for a more emersive game experience.  I'd played #Catan before that but didn't connect with that and still stuck by games like #Boggle or #Scattergories.

I have since become more enamored with explaoring different types of games with mindfulness toward cost and how much I might be able to get my family to play.  That being considered, I will still pursue games that I know I would enjoy even if my family does not. #Brass: Birmingham being an example of the latter (though Becky might still play it with me).  

I much prefer playing games with other over solo but even in the absence of players I can enjoy the solo experience and prefer a deep story or engaging theme in such cirmustances.  If I was forced to play solo for, let's say a year, I'd spend a lot more time on games with immersive factions and stories.  I think in focusing on the solo variants the following games would get played much more:

1. #Gloomhaven - without a doubt I'd have this set up for quite some time and if I knew I'd be stuck playing solo then #Frosthaven would have been backed and I'd be going to the nines exploring the plot lines a characters.  

2. #Maracaibo - this offers a fairly simple legacy type story line without having stickers or other itmes that force a purchase to reset.  I think I'd enjoy playing through these various plots a few times to see how the story plays out along different plot lines.  I would think 20-25 playthroughs would get through the main storyline at least once and then I could run through a different string of event choices later on.  

3. #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris - these are not in order as I'd choose this option over number 2 in a heartbeat. #Scythe is a fantastic game that I rarely solo as I love the player interactions more than many other games.  That being said, The Rise of Fenris is a fun and engaging plotline and I may try to talk Becky into playing through it with me one day if she has the time.  I've played through all but the last two scenarios (COVID kicked in) and look forward to finishing.  As a solo experience though, I could see this being pretty engaging.

4. #Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island - offer a lot of options and while there is a solo variant I might consider working with two player boards and soloing that way as well.  The different scenarios are a blast and it is a significantly challenging game.  

5. #Firefly: The Game - Man I love this game.  While it doesn't rank in my top 10 it is still a great deal of fun to play and more so with others.  I think there is a lot to explore as a solo experience though no where near as good as #Gloomhaven or #Scythe.  Still, I try to get this to the table at least onece a year and play Firefly in the background for fun.  I have the #Firefly: The Game - Blue Sun and #Firefly: The Game - Kalidasa expansions which offer the whole damn 'verse for pirating.

6. #The 7th Continent is a great solo game that I'd happily play more if contrained to solo gaming.  I have a saved game with Becky that we will one day start up again but as it stands I still hang onto this game despite few plays because it is a lot of fun when it hits the table.

7. #Obsession - feels a little like a Victorian English story when playing this one solo and I find the quaint tea party invitations to be a nice country repreive.  Though better with others this is not a bad solo experience with a little history.  When playing with Becky, she drew one of the guests and obtained a "Stowell" which is part of her family heritage and Becky noted that the character from the game appeared to be historically accurate with regard to their originating area (not necessarily the negative gameplay mechanic).  

I've definitely felt the urge before but haven't acted on it yet.  I could see myself doing it if the person looked genuinely confused.

For the bonus question I started with #Munchkin in 2016 so I would definitely recommend a different game.  Probably #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure or #Deception: Murder in Hong Kong.

Kickstarter campaign for board game "Forest Adventure" launched:
Let's bring the game to live, together!

#Dice Throne Adventures & Season One: Rerolled! - I have decided I am 100% not a dungeon crawl person.

#Dune: Imperium - I have decided I very much AM a Dune Imperium person. :)

I find a few problems with this study. Novelty is calculated as correlation of all mechanisms in the game against a vector of all such combinations for all games. As such #Dominion would get a low score because of its narrow range of mechanisms compared to all of its followers. And yet I'd never consider the novelty of #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure to be higher than that of Dominion. Inventing a new mechanism in board games is more novel to me than mashing up several existing genres together. A scientific study is only as good as a set of its axioms and I'm afraid this is not a good axiom. 

Also, they used user ratings instead of BGG ratings which tells me ratings of print-and-play games are going to be inflated. I'm not convinced a game with 31 ratings averaging 7.5 is more useful than a game with 31,000 ratings averaging at 7.49.

Overall, it sounds somewhat well researched but the final result is more of a product of the assumptions made in the paper than a general statement about human productivity and board game design.

I've watched their 2 minute explanation of the game before, and I can see the appeal. The "adventure" aspect in the worker placement seemed interesting. How well do you think the theme was integrated into the gameplay?