POST /api/reviews/add

Requires: OAuth 2.0

Record a game review for a user. This writes user data that can be fetched with /api/reviews.


Here's an example of leaving a review by a user for the game Azul. This call requires a valid access_token to authorize the call for the user. You can see how to get one here.


headers: {
      Authorization: Bearer 57074b78b1282526107158f16sl3b2948af4dc05
body: {
      "game_id": "i5Oqu5VZgP",
      "rating": 5,
      "title": "Fantastic Game",
      "description": "It's got a great theme and clever mechanics.",


     "rating": {
         "id": "vFrRf9GAFY",
         "rating": 5


These are all the posible parameters to add to the POST body to record when logging a play for a user.

game_idString6FmFeux5xH(Required) The id for the game that you want to review.
ratingInt5(Required) How many stars (1 -> 5) the user rates the game.
titleStringAwesome GameThe title for the review
descriptionStringIt's got a great theme and clever mechanics.The description of the review.