GET /api/reviews

Supported formats: json

Returns a list of Game User Reviews linked in order of when they were made of newest to oldest. A game_id can be specified to get the reviews of a particular game.




If you provide a Authorization header with a Bearer access_token you get through OAuth then it will provide the data for the logged in user.

These are all the posible parameters to add to the request to filter or change the results based on how each function.

prettyBooleantrueFormats the json to be easier to read.
limitNumber10Limits the number of results returned.
skipNumber10Skips the number of results provided. It's generally used for paging results.
game_idStringGP7Y2xOUzjThe id of a specific game
usernameStringtrentellingsenThe name of the user you want to get all the reviews for.
order_byStringdateThis orders the reviews from newest to oldest reviews
after_dateDate2019-05-28T17:13:05.371ZThis returns reviews after the specified date.
current_userBooleantrueGets reviews for the currently logged in user.
description_requiredBooleantrueReturns only reviews with a description
ratingInt3Returns reviews with a rating equal to the specified number.
include_summaryBooleantrueA summary that includes # of reviews, the average if you've specified a game_id, and number of reviews by rating
include_gameBooleantrueA full game object will be returned.
include_userBooleantrueA user object will be returned.