POST /api/plays/add

Requires: OAuth 2.0

Record a game play log for a user. This writes user data that can be fetched with /api/plays.


Here's an example of logging a play for a user for the game Azul. This call requires a valid access_token to authorize the call for the user. You can see how to get one here.


headers: {
      Authorization: Bearer 57074b78b1282526107158f16sl3b2948af4dc05
body: {
      "game_id": "i5Oqu5VZgP",
      "players": [{"name":"trentellingsen", "placement":"2", "score":"46"}, {"name":"jane", "placement":"1", "score":"59"}]
      "location": "Jane's house",
      "win_lose": "lose",
      "notes": "Played the gray side.",
      "played_at": "02/06/19",


{ "success": true }


These are all the posible parameters to add to the POST body to record when logging a play for a user.

game_idString6FmFeux5xH(Required) The id for the game that you want to record the play for.
played_atDate02/09/19The date the game was played.
win_loseStringwinDid the user 'win' or 'lose'.
locationStringJane's HouseA string to record where the play was.
playersArray[{"name":"trentellingsen", "placement":"2", "score":"33"},{"name":"jane", "placement":"1", "score":"47"}]All fields are optional. This records a player name, place in the game (1st, 2nd, etc), and the score. If you want to only record the number of players, add the # of player objects needed and it'll record the number of players.
notesStringI played the Texas Hold 'em varientAny string can be written in this field.