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POST /api/forum/vote

Requires: OAuth 2.0

Vote on a forum post or comment.


Here's an example of voting for a comment on a forum post. This call requires a valid access_token to authorize the call for the user. You can see how to get one here.


headers: {
      Authorization: Bearer 57074b78b1282526107158f16sl3b253faf4dc05
body: {
      "post_id": "zAtUP2C4D4",
      "comment_id": "X5ol4Fez8S",


   "success": true


These are all the posible parameters to add to the POST body to make a forum post for a user.

post_idStringiW1T0zQUgm(Required) The forum post id to add the comment to.
comment_idStringvYRmmlMOLBThe specific id of a comment in the forum post to vote on.
unvoteBooleantrueIf this boolean is true then it will remove a vote for the post or comment in the forum.