POST /api/forum/post/new

Requires: OAuth 2.0

Submit a forum post for a user. This writes user data that can be fetched with /api/forum. Users can post a text with description or a link with a title. Both types can have flair and link to any number of games.


Here's an example of posting on the forum with a question. This call requires a valid access_token to authorize the call for the user. You can see how to get one here.


headers: {
      Authorization: Bearer 57074b78b1282526107158f16sl3b253faf4dc05
body: {
      "post_title": "Which Century is Better?",
      "post_description": "I like the game Century and want to buy either Golem Edition or Spice Road.",
      "game_list": "E35EBpxuDX,Kv7jwuCexB"


   "post": {
   "id": "8WLHRn9jFL",
   "title": "Which Century is Better?",
   "description": "I like the game Century and want to ...",
   "user": {
      "id": "bH8m8z3abA",
      "username": "trentellingsen",
      "imageUrl": ""
   "num_likes": 0,
   "num_comments": 0,
   "created_at": "2019-02-13T21:15:51.021Z",
   "created_at_ago": "just now",
   "game_names": "Century: Spice Road, Century: Golem Edition",
   "score": 0,
   "is_reported": false,
   "site_name": "",
   "games": [....],
   "image_url": ""


These are all the posible parameters to add to the POST body to make a forum post for a user.

post_titleStringWhat game smells the best?(Required for text posts) The title for a text based post
post_descriptionStringI think it's Pandemic: Iberia, what about you?(Must use post_title) This is an optional description for a text based post.
link_titleStringArticle about good smelling games(Required for link posts) The title for a link based post
link_urlString / Must use link_title) This is the url used in a link based post.
game_listStringE35EBpxuDX,Kv7jwuCexBA comma delimited list of game ids to link to the post.
flairStringReviewA string to mark the post with flair. Approved options include Review, Rule Question, BGA, Spoiler, Deal, Crowdfunding, COMC, How-To/DIY, and Game Design. (Check the website for the most up to date list)