GET /api/forum/comments

Supported formats: json

Returns a list comments on BGA forum posts. If the post_id parameter is used, ALL comments for that post will be returned. Also, comments returned in this scenario will have an additional parameter called level and be in tree structure order. Use the level to indicate indentation of threads which is based on the order of the array. Otherwise if the post_id parameter isn't used, the amount returned will be based on the limit parameter and wont contain the level parameter.


This is an example of recent comments



These are all the posible parameters to add to the request to filter or change the results based on how each function.

usernameStringtrentellingsenThis will only show posts made by the username
post_idStringVm2DHDd1OuThe the comments linked to the specified post_id. This will add a level parameter which is used to show threads.
include_postBooleantrueThis will include the post object if set to true.
limitInt100The limit of results (Default 30)
skipInt30The amount of results to skip (Typically used for paging)
countBooleantrueGives the number of comments based on all the other parameters.