GET /api/forum

Supported formats: json

Returns a list posts on the BGA forum.


This is an example of recent posts



These are all the posible parameters to add to the request to filter or change the results based on how each function.

searchStringCatanThis will fetch posts related to the search text.
usernameStringtrentellingsenThis will only show posts made by the username
feedBooleantrueThis will only show posts for the logged in user that match their feed.
order_byStringnewReturns by created_at if equal to new. Default is returned in order of rank or created_at if rank is equal.
game_idString6FmFeux5xHThe the posts linked to the game Pandemic
flairStringReviewFilter the results that match to the flair. Available flair options can be found if you go to Create a Post. The list includes Review, Rule Question, BGA, Spoiler, Deal, Crowdfunding, COMC, How-To/DIY, and Game Design.
newsBooleantrueFilter the results to only be the hand selected news feed displayed on Board Game Atlas. This is different than using Flair since only BGA Admins manage this list.
countBooleantrueReturns the total count of posts based on the request parameters
limitInt100The limit of results (Default 30)
skipInt30The amount of results to skip (Typically used for paging)