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About Us

We first launched on Januray 9th 2019 with just a search feature. Today we've got a fast growing community, database of board game information, and connections to all the major retailers.


Trent started this project by himself creating the beta version of the webiste in November of 2018. Phil joined in as a co-founder in May of 2019 and together have built the company to where it is today.

Trent Ellingsen
CEO and Co-Founder
Phil Ryuh
CMO and Co-Founder
We're creating the best place to enjoy board games online.
As you type about a game you can tag it using our autocomplete technology.
Board Game Data
As a wiki style website many of our game pages are input and updated by our users.
Store Connections
We're continuing to bring in data across all retailers to find the best prices for games.
Talking about and playing boards with others makes the hobby better. We've got a quickly growing community and you're welcome to join!