Board Game Atlas - About Us

My name is Trent Ellingsen and I started working on the technology for Board Game Atlas in September of 2018. It started as a marketing experiment to help promote the board games I published under 5 Color Combo. I was waiting on art assets for a new game I was planning to published and I was frustrated with the technology available in the Board Game space both as a publisher and as an enthusiest.

I built and launched the first version in 2 weeks and got a great response. I leaned in and after 3 additional months I rebranded it as Board Game Atlas and have decided to work on it full time.

Board Game Atlas is bringing the board game industry into the modern era. We're not only going to continually add new features to this site but have opened up our data with a modern API for other software engineers to build towards a great new future.

The company is just me for now but I'm hoping to grow it in the near future to support such a great hobby and community.