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If it's an actual board game topic and the conversation is thoughtful and genuine with people actually sharing their own views and being willing to compromiise and understand others it can be great.  It would actually be a loss to not discuss things in that case.

If it's people regurgitating "facts" they saw on facebook, ignoring what other people are saying, and being unwilling to consider other points of view then I really don't want to see that here, or anywhere else really.  I get enough of that in other places and it has zero value and I have no problem with it being silenced in that case.

That said, I strongly lean towards having tough conversations that may be assertive but not aggressive and are genuine back and forth conversations.  You can learn a lot that way.

I think it will depend on how you do it.  If a post is assertive but not aggressive and if a genuine attempt to have conversation is made it likely will be fine.  It may be ignored but not banned.  

The other thing is that you yourself could just ignore posts that are angry on those topics and let it drop out of the front page quickly. 

If it's a thoughtful conversation then by all means have at it.  If it's not then let it die because no one's mind has ever been changed in an angry internet thread.  

Great points Benjamin.  The culture on BGG, for me, is not as enjoyable as what has been built up here.

This is an excellent point.

Played at Home with 2 players.

First play. Quick memory game

That's a big annoyance I have too. I don't want duplicates but I have no idea what every expansion has. If you also want to ensure that you see different cards, you can put the ones you've played facing the opposite way in the box afterwards, and only give players cards you haven't used yet. That's what we do so that even the rejects will eventually all be used lol

But that will happen whether we want it or not, like Richard Ham complaining about the slaves in Five Tribes or the discussions about the color of the colonists in Puerto Rico. Or the naked ladies in Conan.

Someday, someone will write an angry post about one of those topics. I simply hope I will be able to say my piece just like them and not be punished.

Not really. There are already categories for that. I used tags like "beautiful", "boring", "fiddly", "thematic", "low-interaction", "fun", etc.

I agree with you here bob, and I'd like to add that as far as I've seen around here, when social issues are touched it's mostly when and how they relate to the board game community and never in a vacuum or for the sake of having a random discussion. 

I could see either of those working.

I'm not anti-politics by any means, but honestly, it's a difficult topic to inject into a forum focusing on board games. If it really involves board games, then I'm all for discussion. Civil discussion. And, although I strive to be as polite as possible during touchy subjects such as politics, words come across differently through text, so I avoid discussing it as a general rule. 

I'll echo what said. Perhaps the BGA team would be more tolerant, but I don't think you'd get too many of us to bite regardless. I've been here for quite some time, and I don't think I've ever seen any thread go off the rails, or even come close to it. And that's what I love about BGA. We have fun, we discuss, and sometimes we even talk about our lives and what's going on. But engaging in topics that don't relate to board games isn't something we seem to do at Board Game Atlas, and that was never something explicitly stated. It's just something we all collectively did, unspoken and unbidden.

And that's not to say that we're above such things. Not at all. Rather, this community is simply different than that of BGG (thank goodness haha), and that's why we're drawn here. Let me illustrate with a horrible example. When I go to (American) football games, I'm out of my element. I feel out of place. But I can still enjoy it, if I want. Generally, though, I'll leave at half time because I got my fill. That's BGG for me.

BGA, on the other hand, is me at rugby games. I'll go to those games all by myself (and have done so many times) and still have an amazing time. I make friends with random fans sitting around me--even those supporting the other team. It's a different atmosphere, a different culture, and that's where I thrive. And that's why BGA is my forum of choice. Not because it's better, per se, but because the culture and atmosphere is more attuned to what I'm looking for.

All that said, it's great to have you here! I look forward to interacting with you more. But first I need more hours in a day so that I can get on more frequently haha

I feel like I keep posting the continual praise for #Spirit Island on BGA lately. I played yesterday trying out a new spirit and had an absolute blast. After about 7 plays now, I feel like I've barely scratched the surface but I honestly can't wait for more. So glad I discovered this game.

Agreed. There's definitely an aspect of the game where you are made to feel dumb for not seeing something so obvious in front of you. I don't feel I look down at chess as much as I would simply prefer to play just about any other game (sans #Monopoly lol). Mainly because (as with Monopoly) Chess just takes entirely too long and I don't think I get enjoyment out of it playing with people that aren't at my exact experience level. It's no fun to beat someone by a wide margin as it is similarly no fun to get beat down by someone much more experienced than you. 

What I like about the BGG rating system is the definition each number is given. For example, "7" is "Good - usually willing to play." For me, most games fit in this category, at the least. But a ranking of "8" is a "very good" game and one that I would suggest. But those ratings are still a bit basic.

I think a 100-point system might be beneficial due to its flexibility. There are plenty of games I'd rank very good, but not quite "excellent" (a rating of "9" on BGG). And perhaps it's above the average "very good" game, so an 8.8 -- or 88 -- would be appropriate. Sure, decimals work, but making it out of 100 is easier on my right-brained brain.  😊 

In general, though, I find it's best to have more options (although too many can still be cumbersome). I prefer my Likert scales to be 1-7 or 1-9, as those give a good variety of choices. I think, though, that rating games is a more detailed process for us game nerds, and even a 9 or 10 rating system can lack substance. I'd certainly vote for increasing the ratings from 5 to 9 or 10, or even a scale out of 100. 

I bought #King of Tokyo for my little cousin for Christmas last year. Still haven't convinced him to play with me. Maybe one of these weeks during football season

I've surprisingly never played Catan but might have to try it out if it's similar to #The Castles of Burgundy. I love CoB so I can only imagine I'd like Catan has well

Some good advice on here if I ever decide to design a game. I've definitely thought about it but outside of a few ideas here and there nothing concrete. I think the world could use more resources like this for people like myself with board game design on their minds lol

Import tags from BGG | Comment

You mean ways to classify what types of games they are? (ex area control, wargame, family, party, etc)

BGG ratings and stars | Comment

Agreed. I know there's been a lot of talk about revamping the rating system and it seems either a 10 point scale or 100 point scale will be eventually implemented. Much needed change in my opinion

Yeah I think I'm going to let the base game wear itself out a bit re memorizing the cards. After our first handful of plays we thought we had seen most of them but the last time we played (about play 20 now lol) we had all new cards and it was great despite some of them being suuuper difficult. The problem I've run into with the expansions is I haven't been able to find a card list. Some of them at least from pictures I saw appeared to have the same cards

I absolutely agree! I would honestly never want to play charades on its own, but this is a different story. We always get some good inside jokes the first 2 rounds, but still forget half the words byt he 3rd and mime some seriously hilarious things! It's just a silly time so with the right group it's a great game in between some heavier things.


I got my expansions (I have classics and more monikers) on Amazon for a decent price, cause I just couldn't find them anywhere else. Love having more variety now so we don't start memorizing them lol

My workday starts at 7:30 CST.  I generally shoot for 4am wake time and usually get out of bed by 5.  If its for a game I'm ok with a little less sleep.

Played Machi Koro

Played with 2 players.

We need to be able to rate on a 100 point scale!

I just want to add that if anyone attempts this and finds they need more detail or explanation, let me know.

I'd love to help in any way possible!

This is interesting. I would argue that a 9 out of 10 rating would have to equate to 5 stars for me. Looking at the breakdown I feel quite a discrepency in the system. For example, I don't think I own very many games that I would only rate 3/5 stars, but nearly all of my games are rated 6-8 on BGG.

In general I think the 10 star rating is more effective than the 5 star rating due to nuances and variety in games.

The main point is in your last statement, that you wish your political opinions will find a home here. In my opinion, no, they won't find a home here because this is not a political site. You mention that these topics "appear," but it seems more likely that you are looking for a place to advertise your opinions and will seek that opportunity.

You can turn most conversations into political ones, but that is not the goal of this site, nor do I think the general population here wants it to be.

Confirmed. Let politics stay in political forums.