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I know we have enough fantasy games, but I really enjoyed this book, and it's sequel. Would like a game or RPG set in that world. 

They announced an RPG, Tales of Xadia. 

Friends picked up a used copy of #The Logo Board Game and brought it over.  Fun, silly, and challenging.  A timer would have been helpful in forcing us to answer or pass and shorten the game time. Some of the companies we hadn't heard of, some we remembered from 40 years ago. Still, entertaining.

I bought #Disney Villainous for my wife as a Christmas present two years ago.  We played it once, and had a hard time following it-it's the first game we have where each player has different objectives to win.  We didn't pick it up again until a few months ago when her sister visited.  The three of us played and it went much better.  I think we might enjoy it a little more next time we play it now that we've figured it out.  I do agree that if the card you need to meet your objective is at the bottom of your deck, you might never win. The villians are cool, though!

#Risk: Lord of the Rings Trilogy Edition is one I have, would love to play, and probably never will.  I don't recall every winning a game of Risk, but I still like it (and don't think I've played it since high school 30+ years ago). I pulled this out with my wife probably 15 years ago, but never completed our second turns-too complicated for her to enjoy, and way too much time involved for a weekend get-away.

I want to play games more than my wife and son do, so I find lately that I pull games I like off the shelf and play multiple hands by myself.  I've only recently picked up a few games with solo variants for this very reason. #Terraforming Mars, #Paladins of the West Kingdom, and #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale.  I've yet to play Paladins, and I've only played TM a few times with a couple of hands just to get the hang of it before playing the solo variant.  And Cartographers, well we just got it and played it for the first time a few weeks ago.  I like it a lot and will be playing it solo soon. 

'Wildwood' trilogy by Colin Meloy would be good.  So many interactions between human and non-human characters. Neil Gaiman's 'The Graveyard Book' would be interesteing.  And anything written by Brandon Sanderson!

Still looking at #Wingspan (more likely to get my wife to play just because it looks so stinking cool) or #Scythe, or possibly #Res Arcana

I played pencil and paper for so many years. Good times.


Perhaps. I'd have to see it to see if it works well or not. It sounds intriguing though.