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Played a game of #Azul with my partner, was her first time and she really enjoyed the tactility of the pieces. It is very calculating at 2P (as a lot of games are) with a lot of opportunities to be very mean.

Also tried out #Catacombs 3rd Edition for the first time, will write a review at some point when I get the chance.

Played another game of #The Defence of Procyon III on TTS with some folks from my game group. Slowly starting to appreciate more and more the interconnectedness of it all, cannot wait for the real thing to arrive next year and to get it into a table.

Are you running the game or a PC? How long have you been playing for?

Always nice when you find a game that just clicks for you and whoever is playing with you. Have you made any other impulse purchases over the years?

I do enjoy Champions of Midgard, it has been a while since I played it, but certainly remember the wonderful tension the first time you send a ship-load of vikings over the ocean with the bare minimum of supplies in the hope you don't hit a storm.

I am a agreeable, not aggressive board gamer, so I would be the meeple that can go onto a space that already has a worker on it...and be friends!

I am very intrigued by this game. I feel like its really going to be a huge win or fail for me personally. The sand timers thing has me extremely worried, but I am also really curious to see how it shakes things up. The art looks great. 

I'd be the worker that provides that one-time bonus that you hold onto until you really need it but end up forgetting about until the game's over anyway.

Very nice! Great review. I love this game perhaps a little too much haha My wife and I love it as a 2-player as well, and the ending score is usually super close. It's great at all player counts, and I love the expansions (especially Valhalla). Glad you're enjoying it :) 

There is a special worker in #Tuscany: Essential Edition where you can go forward to different seasons. I would be that so I could time travel...

I'd be the Meeple that bakes everyone cookies -don't know if that's a real power in a real WP game or not but if it is, it would be mine lol 

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