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Designer Spotlight: Inka and Markus Brand

Exit: The Mysterious Museum board game
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Exit: The Sunken Treasure board game
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Exit: Dead Man on the Orient Express board game
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My Village board game
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Trending: 844
Village board game
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Exit: The Abandoned Cabin board game
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Rodney Smith does have a how to play here

You could watch that and, theoretically learn more. 

Nice! Thanks for the offer but I want to try before buying I think. 

I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Of course, if it's still a very economic game, and those aren't for everyone..... I'm planning to write a real review for it at some point. 

That is what I call it. 

Spoiler. Its not number 1. 

This community is pretty small and we need places to talk. I think only having one stickied "what did you play" thread is too limiting as it's just people posting long lists of games. We need a general discussion thread as well, maybe even a couple. Every day I scan the hot posts on the forum and 95% of it isn't comment-worthy to me, but I would like to engage with people more.

Oh cool, I think I shared that solo variant with you in a different thread! Glad you enjoyed it overall.

I played a few games of the PNP super-skill pinball 4-cade and was a bit underwhelmed as well. It's a very well-realised concept though, and a clever little design. I think the proper components would make a huge difference. When you play it multi-player it can be pretty boring waiting for someone's turn to finish as well.

Played #Now Boarding at 3 and 2 players. We found it quite easy at 2 players, so I'm considering handicapping us next time. Had a learning solo game of #Castle Itter and was impressed by how simple it is to learn. It's one of the best rulebooks I've ever seen. Also played a bunch of #6 Nimmt! which has never failed. It's probably the most convincing and reliable intro game there is besides #Codenames. Every single new player that has tried it, gamer or not, has had a raucous time with our group.

I'm curious about #Dune: Imperium but I dislike the proposition of investing a game I know nothing about besides a flashy trailer and the basic mechanics. I'll wait until a reviewer I trust takes a look at it first.

My girlfriend is pissed that I sold #Barenpark, so I plan to snap up #New York Zoo to make amends.

Solo wise after a good experience with #Castle Itter I'm impressed by David Thompson and have half an eye on #For What Remains.