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I don’t know...I don’t normally worry too much about portability of games. I guess games that come in smaller boxes that I like would Love Letter, Eight-Minute Empire: Legends, not sure what else. 

There are a few factors, but I find this to be extremely helpful.

It really helps to have limited budget for it! If I had had a much bigger salary or less stuff to take care of, I think I'd be buying a lot more often. But to your point, I really do have a very focused preference for games.

Obviously you haven't played a ton, but how did you find the 2-player gameplay? Do you feel like it would be better at 3 or 4, or do you think it's just as strong at 2? What map did you use?

I love my standing desk for work but a board game evening at a desk...hmmmm.  Maybe stand up for one game, sit down for the next? ;)

Yeah, we added Board Game Arena to get access to some new options we really wanted to try.  Tabletopia is good as well of course.  More selection isn't a bad thing.  :)

I've heard mixed things from Caylus players about the new version but I've never played it.  I quite like the old version!

It depends who we have with us in our group.  Both sessions this week we had the faster group who don't absolutely have to min/max every move, especially in our first play of a game!

Best experience is a good question but hard to answer.  I am pretty easy going for most games.  I'm just happy to be playing.  I think if I had to answer I think I enjoyed playing Tzol'kin the most but Troyes and Caylus were close seconds.  For pure laughs per minute of play 6 Nimmit! was the best. :)


I must play this game. I have high hopes for it in terms of the "will my wife like this" criteria, aside from the boring theme and art.

That is an impressive amount of game to fit into one day and one night! You must take turns much quicker than I do 😅

Which play was the best experience for you (even if not your favourite game)?

Yeah, I can definitely see that, I have played a couple of them, Quest and Zombies, and while I love the little equip-able meeples the games do seem to tend towards the shallower side. But I can imagine as a travel game some of them could work out okay. Is there another game or other games that fill the Tiny Epic niche better for you?

I am always open to suggestions! The two games that have gripped me so far with a heavier theme with interesting mechanics are any of the Aeon's End games and Too many Bones (super expensive and hard to find). Anything you recommend me diving into?

First thought, are you from Europe? A lot of the terms you used gave me that vibe!

Second thought, I just heard about Archipelago from Board Game Barrage and had never heard of it! I will need to look into it, semi-coop is an odd space to live in!

Third thought, GWT seems to a game that has simple mechanics that is amplified by the options given to you. I would play it if given the opportunity but it is in an odd place for me as well with my desire to own it! I am glad you found people that like it! You also have to call it the Cow game lol. 

It is my first Kickstarter game (threw myself in at the deep end) but it is worth a try on TTS if you can find 3 people and an evening (it is quite a long game)

Good luck on the search, let me know if you would like help with some suggestions.

I think for me it's when the theme and mechanics compliment and as such enhance each other is when a game really pops

I wonder if this is just a gateway into the CCG. If that's the case, it's a pass for sure. If it's its own thing, then maybe.

I think #Archipelago ended up being too much for some of the people at my local games club, some of them aren't too keen on negotiation and didn't real go in for the semi-coop aspect. Fortunately, it was a big hit with a group of friends from university I still meet up with semi-regularly.

At a different point in time, I got #Great Western Trail, and it proved a little too complex for my family (who I had bought it as something to play at Christmas) but worked out great with the same uni group (it is now designated 'the cow game') and my then board game club.

I didn't realize #Caylus was on Board Game Arena. I've had my eye on #Caylus 1303 but it would be nice to try the original first.

I can respect that, I have not played tooooo many theme driven games, and the ones I have played I did not love (See #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game), but I can see myself loving a game like #Aeon's End. I think I put mechanics over theme but I see the value and my wife loves story/theme driven games so I am trying to find games with a good combo of both. 

Not gonna lie, I actually had made a standing desk out of board games....

Played #Takenoko with friends online in boardgamearena.com.  The game implementation in this site is excellent although the graphics could be better.  I wish there is a way in tabletopia.com to implement the rules and scoring because their 3D implementation is much nicer to look at.

I think for me there is a base level of mechanical cleverness/elegance that a game has to achieve to ever be 'good' in my head. But after that point improved mechanics become less and less significant (diminishing returns) without a strong theme to tie them together into something intuitive and narrative and 'fun'. For me the joy in games has always been about the interactions (both as part of the game and in response to it) that happen around the table, and whereas mechanics make for a good puzzle and interesting competition. The laughter and jokes etc. tend to come more from the theme and how it makes those mechanics 'meaningful'.

None of this is in anyway to put down a love of mechanic focused games (or those that love them) and I do enjoy a good puzzler to smash my brain against!

Lizards offer such a fun challenge to me.  You can always do something but you have to adjust to the other players frequently.

I’ve yet to try the Riverfolk or Corvid but they also look like a lot of fun.

@trentellingsen awesome to see the banner on top supporting the movement.

I think the level 3 ingredients all seem pretty weak. Like I do not get excited about what any of them do I think. 

okay, I'm glad then. I want it to be possible to take over the lead at least. 

Can you pin point why that set though? I feel the blue one is too unlikely to happen (land in a ruby space with that chip) but maybe the yellow one somewhat undermines the risk factor (exploding) too much which is part of the fun. Not sure really. 

I think 3 is my least favorite as well. 

For the catch up, I have played games where no lead is safe...I have also played games where what you experienced is true. Each game plays out differently and each person pushes their luck differently!

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